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Check out the great jack 3.5mm to to see if there is any that suits you. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. 3.5mm jack adapter or 3.5mm jack connector contains many hot and popular products. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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jack 3.5mm to Customers Reviews

  • Works as expected

    posted by Naisspas

    Perfect RCA connection for my 'old' TV. I have no 3.5 jack input, and and I didn't want to pay for an HDMI adapter to 3.5 jack.Sounds perfect for my external speakers, and now I have a small 'home theater' 2.1 for a cheap price, and no strange installation as usual !
    Cheap Cheap & Cheap (15$ in an electronic shop in my town)
    perfect for my use !
  • Works great for me

    posted by RichardTheGreat

    Works as advertised WHEN SETUP PROPERLY (read rest of review for setup and how I use it). No noise problem for me. Good voice volume. Inexpensive. Compact. Does not use batteries.
    I use magicJack VOIP. The magicJack device plugs into a computer USB port, and a regular phone (RJ11 connector type) plugs into the magicJack device. MagicJack doesn't produce much power. The recorder I used when I had a landline phone wouldn't work with magicJack, because there was not enough power in the line. (It worked just like this unit, no power of its own.)
    I hooked up this unit, and it worked fine.
    1. Unplug your phone from the outlet jack (wall outlet, or wherever your phone plugs in.)
    2. Plug one end of a phone extension cord into the outlet jack (the same jack from which you just unplugged the phone).
    3. Plug the other end of the phone extension cord into one of the Recording Adapter jacks (either one).
    4. Plug your phone into the other Recording Adapter jack.
    5. Plug a 3.5mm (1/8") MONO audio cable into the 3.5mm jack on the Recording Adapter. (I used Radio Shack P/N 42-2420, a 6 foot long MONO audio cable.)
    6. Plug the other end of of the MONO audio cable into a MONO Line In jack on your recorder.
    If the Line In jack on your recorder or computer is STEREO, you can use an adapter to convert 3.5mm MONO plug to 3.5mm STEREO plug. (The female end of the adapter is MONO, and the male end is STEREO.) I used Radio Shack P/N 274-374 to plug the MONO audio cable into my computer Line In STEREO jack.
    NOTE: Use the Line In jack, NOT the Mic In jack on your recorder. I tried Mic In, and the volume was too low. Line In worked fine, and there was very little noise. (I'm not a professional. I don't know if you need an attenuated connection cord to make Mic In work.)
    I use Audacity (free recording software) on my computer to record calls. The volume meter during recording a normal conversation where I can hear and be heard clearly is about -15db. My voice (mouth piece) will be a little louder than the person on the other end of the line (ear piece), but the difference isn't that great. Noise using magicJack is less than -50db (almost below level of human hearing).
    If your recorder/computer jack is stereo, and you already have a 3.5mm STEREO audio cable, you could get a 3.5mm MONO jack to 3.5mm STEREO jack adapter (the female end is STEREO and the male end is MONO) and plug it into the MONO jack on the Recording Adapter to make the conversion to STEREO.
    To create a phone tap into my computer cost about USD $11.00:
    This RJ11 Recording Adapter: $2.95
    Phone extension cord: $1.00
    6 foot Mono audio cable: $4.00
    Mono to Stereo plug adapter: $2.70
    It is an easy, reliable, good quality product for making good telephone voice recordings.
  • This on is a beast!

    posted by BlueChamp

    This one is a beast of jack and AUX-cabels. Facilitated to also be connected to a 5mm jack adapter easily. Looks great! Everyone will think this is a 50USD + cabel, but its cheap, and is made of great quality.
    Very impressive and surprising quality with this price.
    May not get any better cabel for this price.
  • Perfect and cheap

    posted by XebaL

    This is a very cheap jack cable, but also perfectly working. I bought it to connect an analogic voice recorder to a computer in order to get the content as a numeric format, it worked perfectly. It's flat so there is less destruction problems. I never tried flat cable before, and I liked it.
    It's 102 cm long, it was far enough for me as long as wanted to connect a small device to a computer, I only needed 10 cm or even less. But be careful of the length you need before buying !
    You can buy it closed eyes, I will do what it's made for !
  • Works fine

    posted by boruno

    Works fine for me. I have bought it to send audio from my phone music player to my stereo. I did not used the converter yet.
    The cable could be a little bit longer (its thirty centimeters long).
    Works very well for my needs. Now I can listen to music louder and better. Also works for computers and televisions. I will buy more of this converter on the next days, it is very usefull.


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