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  • it has 2 or more classes upper sound quality !!

    posted by mackiejp

    With an earphone equal to or less than 3 dollars, this sound quality is very impressed by me. The low tone that a range is not wide by any means, but is refined, a high tone I am modest, but to sound well. A level in a few appears, but should not be very going. From this, the tendency that is an article for in strikes than power vocal music if I recommend listening. A master is for analog sources. It is reproduction as I am surprised in the source which is high sound quality such as jazz to classics.
    Wearing to the ear has an art slightly. When this does not come in if I considerably put it, even headphones of the canal type do not show the power. Therefore I recommend that I attach these headphones to reverse like "Ultimate Ears". Of course change the ear peace to size under the one of the size that you fit. (It was the smallest size in the case of me.) And I turn it to the top with the root of the cable if I put it on in the depths of the ear. You should put on the cable to pick you up behind an ear. As for the rumble of the sound, even this is entirely different. I push so an earphone and push a cable again for the headup. A sound image,dynamic range spreads suddenly.
    This time and DealExtreme to three headphone (sku.03396, sku.17922 and this.) Although it arrived, I think among three that it is the "most decent and elegant" sound. I bought these headphones for Bluetooth headset, but it will be to rather use it regularly. I want some to a spare more.Naturally it is not a studio monitoring use. However, in order to enjoy music listening, it has the above quality enough. only $2.24 !! again very surprise.
  • Great earphones!

    posted by BLRplex

    The sound like from expensive earphones, quality is very good. So, I pleasantly surprised! The package is very chip and it allows to save some money. The earphones is comfortble for ears, no pain after long using, no noises. Direct 3.5mm Jack save the wire from broking. The wire looks like good and strong for tension and cold temperature.
    Very good product
    BUY THESE EARPHONES! I reccomend it for all! I think, I will buy about 10 these earphones for my friend as small gifts. The product is very chip and qualitative
  • Great earphones

    posted by mohamedtaha18

    High volume when you listen through your phone.Very nice color.Fits the ear.It works very good, on everything for example, computers, mobile, cd players and other devices.
    it has a cute pink color. the plastic is kind of "comfortable".i thought the earphone was the same length but one is short and one is longer. I didn't know that but it's okay.
    Good earphones if you want higher sound on your phone for example.it works on everything
  • My mind is blown. So cheap and so good quality?!

    posted by samanen

    Un-frking-be-lie-veable. Really, so cheap and so good quality? The sound quality is as good as in sku.34760 and feels softer in your ear, as the in-ear piece is softer. Very deep bass, clear sound and mids. Good quality, packed VERY well (better than sku.34760) and has very useful earphone case which can be used with other earphones too. I didn't think it's real wood on there but it just feels like real wood and I think it is real wood on there. Sweet! The plug-in part is slim and small, which is very good thing. Totally worth 5 stars. And I'm gonna buy another pair of these too.
    I strongly recommend to buy these if you're looking for good earphones. And if you're a sound/music expert, buy and review these, I'd be very happy to read a music expert review these. Thanks again to DX for selling these. If you don't believe my review, just spend your two dollars on these and test these yourself.
  • excellent headset

    posted by esqueleto2002

    Very well built and showing fidelity. This phone is proof that any product deals are not always bad. It has a very good insulation, allowing listening to music at low volume, because it minimizes the interference noise caused by the external environment.
    Muito bem construído e apresentando fidelidade sonora. Este fone é a prova de que nem sempre podutos baratos são ruins. Possui uma isolação muito boa, permitindo escutar a música em volume baixo, pois minimiza a interferência sonora causada pelo ambiente externo.
    if you want a quality phone and do not want to pay much for it, this is the correct option.
    se você quer um fone de qualidade e não quer pagar muito por isso, esta é a opção correta.
    Buy this product again.
    Compraria novamente este produto.

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