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iron power supply

You'll find the best iron power supply for you here. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. You can also browse regulated power supply and 24v power supply. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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iron power supply Customers Reviews

  • Hard Case 12V Power Supply

    posted by Kreator99

    This power supply is perfect to embed into power hungry devices. It can provide **almost** 10A in continuous mode without to much heating.It has two **independent** outputs.Metal case is quite hard and the drilled holes prevent the power suppply to heat too much.Performance is good enough.
    Buy one if your devices need 12V and lots of power.
    I have two of this power supplies, the first one has been powered for months without a single failure.
  • Compact power supply

    posted by jlramirez

    Power supply well built, sturdy and really delivers the marked current in the case.When loads 4 amperes the voltage don't drop down.The oputput voltage are regulated with a variable resistor, is useful but not necesary.
    Well ventilated case, if the power supply is heated, you can add a little blower.You need to put some spacer in the bootom of the case, you can buy in Dx.
    Good device to mount a little laboratory or made some electronics stuff
  • It works good

    posted by Fipo7294

    - Output power is for LED strings enough - It's look fine- No problems with output paramameters- Universal input-Adjustable output Voltage with trimmer, of course in small range
    I working with Switch mode power supply. And I am not sure with quality yet. I didn't open it, In SMPS is transformer really sensitive element.And the housing of this look like iron, but really thin iron case.. Actually is for nothing But if you want avoid to any mechanical damage, Be careful with that.
    Except case of this supply, I am satisfied with it. I can recommend this SMPS.
  • It did the job like expected

    posted by ppaiva

    It is a good power supply.I used it with 30 meters of 65714 LED strips consuming something around 12A.It provided a well stabilized 12.2Vcc without any notable noise.
    I would definitely use this model again in another occasion that requires those specifications.
    Just a regular power supply.It does what it does.
  • Very good

    posted by speedylaci

    Small easy to fit in a 4"x4" box and it is still room for wiring
    It has a 5 second delay from turning the power on but that is not a big deal.I am using it for indirect LED lighting at the ceiling and it is placed on a motion sensor The connectors should have some kind of protective cover just in case anything gets loose over the time because the heat for safety reasons
    Good buy definitely i will buy more if i need it to do more projects like this one!

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