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The iron case your looking for is one of our top sellers. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

iron case Customers Reviews

  • Great for the priceq

    posted by peecee123

    Delivers stable 12V +-0,03VAdjustable voltage through the ADJ pot-meter.Can deliver +8A (haven't tested it at 10A yet)Robust metal housing
    This product is perfect for powering long LED strips. I use mine together with an Arduino to make some intelligent light. This is a perfect match.
    Very satisfied with my purchase. I will recommend this to anyone who needs a high-powered 12V source.
  • Good 5v power supply.

    posted by tsostik

    Easy to calibrate via built-in adjustable resistor.Extremely light weighted and small sized for it's current level. Built-in led allow you to see whether the supply is switched on or not.Input and output contacts are easy to use.
    Very suitable to a lot of DIY projects with external 5v power supply.
    I'm going to bye at least 5 more. Very useful and well done. I was rwally surprised how light and small it is.
  • Compact power supply

    posted by jlramirez

    Power supply well built, sturdy and really delivers the marked current in the case.When loads 4 amperes the voltage don't drop down.The oputput voltage are regulated with a variable resistor, is useful but not necesary.
    Well ventilated case, if the power supply is heated, you can add a little blower.You need to put some spacer in the bootom of the case, you can buy in Dx.
    Good device to mount a little laboratory or made some electronics stuff
  • Plastic parts already coming off

    posted by philgh

    Product arrived on time in Ghana. it fits nicely on the iphone 3 and was easy to install. Hopefully would protect phone from scratches.
    Apart from the soft rubber front coming off easily, it makes a great cover. I'm sure fast acting glue would help to keep it in place.
    Actually thinking of getting another one as a present once I'm able to solve the front part coming off with fast acting glue.Bottom line is, it would make a great present for anyone who's phone is prone to scratches.
  • Easy use

    posted by Maddox0110

    Best Watt for the Buck. That's the main thing.Clear to use, even without instruction manual, the only thing needed is a basic knowledge of electricity and depending on location, language.
    Anything to improve this will add to the cost, and that's not the task assigned to this power supply.
    KIS Keep It Simple. You want 24V DC 5A for normal tasks, this does the task , nothing more, nothing less. And it will keep on doing this unless abused.

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