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ir sensor switch

These cool ir sensor switch are high quality and at affordable prices. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.

ir sensor switch Customers Reviews

  • Nice bought

    posted by diego10arg

    . The plastic looks very nice and high quality. (really!). Ships with a diagram which it may not be too helpful for those who doesn't know how to read them.. It let's you choose the time the light will be On after motion being detected.. It has another option to let you choose how the ambience light will affect the On/Off switch.
    Nice bought!
    It's working properly, I would buy something smaller if ever need a new one.
  • ideal for switch-less areas

    posted by seakoink

    Sensibility is perfect. You can adjust the switch-off delay and the light sensitivity.It has a light sensor to avoid switch-on when there's enough light on the room.A delay timer mantains the light on once no movement detected
    I don't know if it's a presence or movement sensor, i mean that if you stay in front of the device without moving, i don't know if it turn-off light or not.
    I've an upper room with the light switch on it, but no on the lower roof, meaning that i must go up in the dark and remember where is the button switch. It solves my problem without passing wire.Very surprised with the light sensor function
  • Good Sensor

    posted by himan14

    •Good build quality!•Better price!!•Free shipping!!!•I checked the sensor range up to 50 cm and working properly. I have not tested the limit of 80 cm indicated in the product information.•The sensor has a screw in the back to adjust the detection range•A red LED on the back lights up when an obstacle within its range.
    •The sensor's detection distance varies with the color of the surface which reflects light. In a dark surface, the detection distance tends to be shorter from the initially set.•Include some terminals on the wires would be a good idea.
    •The device does its job at an unbeatable price!
  • good value for IR proximity detector

    posted by ScottJ

    pulses IR LED for best sensitivity to IR detector. Very nice design, simple to use.
    The circuit uses a 555 timer chip to pulse IR LED, which is detected by IR detector. Use 2K pot to tune 555 frequency for best sensitivity by IR detector (around 38khz). Also, the IR detector can pick up IR remote control. It will flash the on board sensor LED indicator. The other 10K variable resistor seems to control power to the flashing IR LED.
    very good value for proximity detection, or sensing IR remote control (but not reading value from IR remote - just that it's on). I would recommend this product.


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