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  • works well if there is no IR interference

    posted by DonQuijote

    adjustable range, via screwcomes threaded, and with locking nuts, so it can be attached easily anywhere
    i wanted to put 2 of these in a doorway to detect which way people go through. It was VERY tricky to mount and adjust their sensitivity such that they don't influence eachother.
    i suspect its just a ir led, and ir phototransistor with additional op-amp, or transistor based circuit.You could easily make yourself one from cheaper parts, but designing/printing such a versatile case could raise the price, even without taking into account the time for designing/producing it.For simple tasks, in controlled enviroments without ir interference, it is great.
  • Nice bought

    posted by diego10arg

    . The plastic looks very nice and high quality. (really!). Ships with a diagram which it may not be too helpful for those who doesn't know how to read them.. It let's you choose the time the light will be On after motion being detected.. It has another option to let you choose how the ambience light will affect the On/Off switch.
    Nice bought!
    It's working properly, I would buy something smaller if ever need a new one.
  • Works as advertised

    posted by edwntnhf

    - Cheap- Works as advertised- Easy to install, took me about 10 minutes per device to get it up and running- Great energy saver, installed 3 of them in places where the lights were often on and nobody there
    - Make an exit for the wires on the back of the device.
    - Great value for money, just buy it !
  • good value for IR proximity detector

    posted by ScottJ

    pulses IR LED for best sensitivity to IR detector. Very nice design, simple to use.
    The circuit uses a 555 timer chip to pulse IR LED, which is detected by IR detector. Use 2K pot to tune 555 frequency for best sensitivity by IR detector (around 38khz). Also, the IR detector can pick up IR remote control. It will flash the on board sensor LED indicator. The other 10K variable resistor seems to control power to the flashing IR LED.
    very good value for proximity detection, or sensing IR remote control (but not reading value from IR remote - just that it's on). I would recommend this product.

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