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ir remote pc Customers Reviews

  • XBMC Compatible

    posted by DynamiteN

    +Cheap+simple to use+work great with xbmc
    Most of the buttons work straight out of the box in xbmc, to gett the all the buttons working as u want just change the remote.xml, lircmap.xml on the box containing xbmc, and use irw to see what the buttons name is, and just change those files, so that the buttins is assigned the command u want it to do
    Bottomline is a real cheap remote with an ir eye, that works.
  • Useful thing

    posted by romar777

    - Build quality is good. Low cable thickness is not a problem if once to install the receiver in a convenient place and to not touch it in the further.
    - The remote control unit fits in a hand perfectly. I love it :)
    - Works well on 3-7 meters distance, it's enough for me. But sometimes it is required to aim ??? the receiver.
    - Additional drivers are not needed except standard ones for HID in your OS.
    - "Mouse circle" is great and helpful.
    - Workable in any application allowing a hot-keys settings.
    How long is battery life? I don't know yet...
    Very useful for making multimedia center from your PC. This is standart HID including both keyboard and mouse, therefore if your OS is capable to support such devices (USB mouse and keyboards) it will work.
    Must have!
  • Good Remote Controller

    posted by Guzansky

    ----Plug & Play
    I plugged it into my netbook with Windows 7 and all buttons were working. include mouse buttons.
    ----PC on TV
    Excellent to watch HD movies. Controls everything with this remote control.
    I don't know if this is cheap or expensive.
    I bought and I very satisfied with this product.
    This is really needed?
    Bottomline filed is required to post a review.
    If you thing that it is necessary, should buy it.
  • Working in GNU/Linux

    posted by ghostDancer

    Plug and Play in GNU/Linux, ideal for use with a media center,i'm using it with XBMC. Then You can improve and tune to your delight the configuration .
    I use it with XBMC but i suppose it should work with other programs which accept remote control.
    Easy to install and configurable, at least in Debian GNU/Linux , though i have not need to do it. I have now to tinker with the configuration of some of the buttons to see which things i can do.
  • It's Really good.

    posted by anderdoma

    Receiver not reaching to a wide range, you have to aim it to the exact, but the recepter has a good lenght of cable being ease the aimUse just 2 batteries (2XAAA), it has a lot of feactures and shortcut.
    I recomment this product, it help you to control, music, videos and internet when you are lied, it works in W7.I use 3 meters from computer, and it works good, the mouse is easy to use.
    Good product, delivery in 35 days, it was packed, till now I don't have problems with it.

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