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  • Nice lasershow

    posted by ante4711

    Really nice laser patterns, that change in tune with music beat or interval.You can attach it on a wall or a tall tripod using the swivel mount holes and a screw.
    My layman thoughts about the safety: The packaging states the lasers to be class 3b, which is dangerous if exposed to naked eye. However, as the lasers is mounted inside a metal shell, the laser beams are then directed through one or more moving diffraction prisms that will reduce the laser power to non-dangerous levels. The prisms divide the lasers to over 1000 dots that will fill your whole room. We got unintentionally scanned without harm.
    This gadget made a good party even better, I got the impression that people stayed on the dancefloor much longer :)
  • Pleasant but useless reflector

    posted by dzigidizah

    Powerful enough, yet not amazing, this item is cool to have in a small clear room. Remote is OK, 1,5mt max range, and construction feels sturdy. Heats up quite hot espacially on "white" color, good heat dissipation. Veeery good fading with a slow and a very slow mode.
    I should have bought a covered versions, with a white globe over led, this bulb should be great.
    Finally a very intersting item, but don't compare it to a common brand LED RGB projector, this is not close to it. Would definately buy a 3 leds vesion of this, but dunno how to mix AND properly make directive flow of clean coloured light!
  • Excellent Product! Hard to find!

    posted by Drovers

    One of VERY few 3 channel single colour LED remote controllers currently on the market.VERY Well built, solid controller box and well made remote.Memory function on remote is very handy, enables memory function when device is turned on via remote to the setting programmed.
    Am powering this item with SKU: 56109 which is providing AMPLE amounts of power to run 8 30cm LED strips, am planning on adding more strips to this in the near future.
    Excellent product, have purchased a few already and will be purchasing more in the near future.
  • Lasers!

    posted by dann6968

    I bought this on a whim one night. I didn't expect much from it but have been very happy so far now that I've gotten to use it. It's very small so will be easy to transport if I would ever need to. Comes with a few different settings, all of which look good and create a different mood. Very powerful output for such a small machine. I can see them from a couple hundred meters away. The housing is metal and seems to be of good quality and is sturdy. Overall I'm very happy with it.
    The unit has two settings that will display either moving dots (1) or moving lines (2). Music sensitivity can be adjusted (I have it all the way up). Just Green, just red, or both green and red can be selected with the remote. There is a strobe setting which can be adjusted in frequency also on the remote. There's also an auto mode.
    Make your party better for only $50!
  • Very nice colors, great lamp

    posted by gand0lfi

    - It's a nice LED lamp
    - Nice build quality
    - Works as expected
    - Fit's all major lamps, could be difficult in some desktop lamps, like with every big rounded lamp.
    - It has a remote !!
    - A lot of colors can be made.
    - If you use the IR to shutdown, it reminds your last configuration.
    - You can set the amount of every color, making a brighter or a very poor light if you want.
    My cree C3 flashlight is brighter than this in White color. Anyways I don't regret, and I'm going to buy two more to get a better effect.
    If you're looking for a decorative lamp, a nasty room light, or something between them, buy it.


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