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ir module Customers Reviews

  • Cheap IR Receiver.

    posted by vinra

    0.19 cents a piece it is a very affordable receiver. It came packed in bubblewrap, antistatic bag and in mint condition. 20 pieces will probably last me a lifetime.
    It is a 38kHz receiver and can be used with an IR transmitter diode. The pins looking from the front are.Left - Out.Middle - Ground.Right - Vs.Just google 'Ir receiver' and you will find a lot of useful info on this product.
    I would recommend this product to friends.
  • too expensive for a similar product

    posted by konus81

    Very compact device. Very comfortable to use, good quality video resolution and build quality.
    Two minuts of record in resolution 1920 x 1080 takes about 150 Mb
    Too expensive for a similar product. GPS module is not useful.
  • Good for the price

    posted by owar

    I think that the relay is not the best solution.It should be replaced with mosfet so the circuit could work with 5V input.Another thing is that the delay can not be changed maybe with just some trimmer.
    For the price it is good but it could be better
  • Good sensor

    posted by MatiasSilv

    This module is really easy to use, it is well made and the board is tiny enough to use it in a lot of applications. Range voltage of 3 to 6v allows this module to be connected in a wide range of projects. It has an enable input that can be controlled by a uC in order to reduce power consumption when it is not being used. The led indicating a detection is really usefull when testing.
    If you not need more than 20cm detection range, this is a good sensor to have to play with it.
    If you have some electronic knowledge maybe you can built your own version with an increased detection range for less money. But if you don't need a higher detection distance and you just want something that works..this is a good choice
  • Great Sensor

    posted by kibe2

    Easy to install, easy to use, three pins (VCC, DATA, GND) in this order to connect. You receive 5V if there is movement in front the sensor. The sensor sensibility is very good, it works in a great range and distance!
    For the price it is a good product and very useful for D.I.Y projects! It work very good with arduino! I am using with a house automation project!
    That's all! I indicate! It worth the price!

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