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  • Led control with IR

    posted by Rav3nSpy

    Good points this remote includes a battery, and it works perfect.The weight of the control is fantastic, and small size, which allows save or carry it anywhere and hardly notice their presence.
    If you wish to do a project with a microcontroller, for example in arduino, code is very simple. Here you have the values ??of each button to be whoever I give you some homework program. In hexadecimal code (row x column):Key held down: FFFFFFFF1x1: FFA05F1x2: FF20DF1x3: FF609F1x4: FFE01F2x1: FF906F2x2: FF10EF2x3: FF50AF2x4: FFD02F3x1: FFB04F3x2: FF30CF3x3: FF708F3x4: FFF00F4x1: FFA8574x2: FF28D74x3: FF68974x4: FFE8175x1: FF98675x2: FF18E75x3: FF58A75x4: FFD8276x1: FF88776x2: FF08F76x3: FF48B76x4: FFC837
    Overall I give this command a good note, because for my project with arduino and RGB LED control has served me perfectly.
  • Add fuse 1A/230V or 2A/230V

    posted by kamilsk

    It looks great. Do it work well. Now I don't need to switch the light on and off in my kitchen. Easy install and easy to use.
    Device not have fuse!!!! Use 1A/230V or 2A/230V fuse serial with device. If burn off bulb, fuse protection electronics. I must change one Triac, after my bulb burn off.
    I have 2 pieces. I can recommend it for all. 50day delivery to Slovakia. :-((((( Its very long time.
  • V POWERFUL Infra Red Night Vision Light

    posted by hemabh

    V POWERFUL Infra Red Night Vision Light.Illuminates nearly 10 metres distance.I use it very regularly for indoor & outdoor usage.With My Infra Red Night Vision Googles & other Night Vision equipment i can easily view things in over 90% dark conditions....Complete Contours of flowers / leaves can be easily seen with Night Vision googles...
    Good Use for those who like short distance NIGHT VISION Viewing -- And have electric source near by..
    Buy If U Love NIGHT VISION products...
  • excellent stand alone outdoor light

    posted by RolanD39

    100 percent solar powered, no need for power cables. Super easy to install, 2 screws and push a button with a pin thats all.Has a dimmed light at night that is turned on at all times, during the day it turned off. Amazingly enough the dimmed night light can burn all night without emptying the battry
    pricey outdoor light, but a good environmental friendly solution.
  • Nice Lamp!

    posted by fabiolucasb

    Its a Nice and colorful lamp, the remote contol has a good range and has some nice colours. I'ts a lovely lamp.The remote control have controls to change colours, turn the lamp on and off, change the brightness and has some funny effects.
    I recommend it for a bed light or for small rooms. If you want to iluminate a bigger room, choose another lamp.
    Buy it!


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