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Every single ir led emitter displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. You can also browse the led night ir, ir led 3.5, and we provide more ways to help you find the products you want. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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ir led emitter Customers Reviews

  • Good 1W LED

    posted by Dexamol

    There is nothing to say, this is excellent very "bright" IR LED, good for night vision, security cameras e.t.c.
    DX, please fix the description, otherwise, people won’t be able to use this product or worse, they will fry it like me... :)
    Excellent choice! Buy it, its good quality product that could be used for any IR lighting or night vision.
  • Brigh for small size

    posted by CWalters

    This is a very bright source of IR light. If you deal with IR for experimentation, work, etc. this is a good buy. The construction seems very sturdy and will likely handle use in a less than delicate environment. Solder pads are large allowing easy connection for even those with limited soldering skill.
    If you have night security cams, nightvision, etc. this will make a great marker light, local illumination, or with help of a lens can work well as a spot light also.
    Not a bad price for a well build, bright IR light source with a relatively low power drain.
  • Amazing performance!

    posted by Magicflame

    The performance from this LED is amazing! I wired this to a 2 volt sealed lead acid battery as suggested by dav850, but lost my nerve, as the battery was brand new and reading about 2.36 volt open-circuit, so I opted to limit the current with 5 x 5 Ohm resistors in parallel (they were only 1 watt each). The output was stupendous and more than able to light up an entire room. Even just bouncing the light off a white ceiling bathes the entire room in more than enough light to capture good video (will try to upload some pics or vids soon). Later I got braver and stuck a huge heatsink on and got rid of the resistors. This was when the fun really started! More than three times brighter than before. It has now been running at over 4 watt for hours!
    A bank of these used as the light source for a night-vision setup would be awsome, especially if you could find a way to focus the light a bit for distance.
    Great buy if you want a really powerful IR light.
  • Nice inexpensive pack of 10 LEDs

    posted by chiaotzuu

    This is a well priced pack of 10 infrared LEDs. The leads are very long and easy to deal with. The consistency of the product appears good so far.
    Be aware that the exact emission wavelength is 940 mm. It depends on the project you are using it for.
    These are infrared LEDs, 3 mm. Be aware they are smaller than the more common 5 mm size. They work for infrared cameras such as the Wiimote and night vision cameras. I am using it for a Wiimote Whiteboard project.

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