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ir infrared Customers Reviews

  • Could be brighter

    posted by CartDude

    Good build quality, heavy enough to help with the heat management. Nice mirror finish on the reflector, fits well into suitable flashlights. Does not emit much of visible light. Works with 6volts too.
    Good for CCT-camera lighting and IR photography or other needs for infrared light. Use creatively.
    Could be brighter, but all in all a good product.
  • A good and cheap IP camera

    posted by EduSMelo

    It has a very good resolution. The night vision is pretty functional changing to a black and with mode with high contrast.The camera is not POE, but it comes with a easy access to POE separator.
    That camera could be better if it had the POE functionality build internally and it could have a web-interface less generic.
    It's a camera pretty functional and very resourceful. The size is right for any installation and the configuration dificults could be easily resolved.
  • Works perfectly with a A330 !

    posted by osouto

    It works without any problem with my Sony Alfa 330, you don't have to configure anything (only choosing the right option in the camera, shoot with remote control) just press and that's all. It has the most important options for this devices, the 2-sec delay shutter button and of course the shutter button to use in combination with bulb mode on the camera where you have to press once for starting the capture and press again to stop it. Very very usefull for long time exposures! And it's very small.
    In the manual says that it works with more cameras including Nikon D80, Canon 350D, 450D and Olympus. It includes the battery and the package it's as shown in the web (by the way I'm very happy with this web).
    A must have for all Sony Alfa users with a camera with the possibility of shoot with remote control (as the A330). It's necessary for long time exposures and I recommend also to use a tripod, turn off the "steadyshot inside" and use the AF-S for improve sharpness.
  • Excellent universal remote for my heat pump and TV, Chinese only, sadly.

    posted by calijewan

    Inexpensive, can control my heat pump/ac unit from anywhere. Sort of easy to set up even though everything is in Chinese.
    I was looking for a cheaper way to turn on my heater other than paying $300 for a thermostat for my Mr. Slim unit. This unit allows me to turn off my unit from anywhere in the world. Programming the buttons are a little tricky, as the Mr. Slim remote works a little differently than how a TV would work (one button touch sends all settings on the remote). So instead of programming a 'volume up' button or 'channel up' button, I have 3 buttons set plus the power button. Low is about 65 F or 18C, Medium is 70 F or 20 C, and High is 80 F or 25 C. That's all I really need.
    Once the app gets translated to English, this unit will easily beat the Logitech. It does, however, rely on an outside server in Beijing to establish a connection with your mobile device (verified via looking at my firewall logs), which is a little unnerving but I guess the NSA has been spying on me for years so it's nothing new.
  • Cheap, Batteries not Included

    posted by TNaiL

    It is an affordable remote with simple features. The package is easy to remove and there are instructions behind the picture on the package. It includes codes if you need to manually set it up, but also has an automatic feature.
    Simple is good if you just need something that works, and it does. For this price I wouldn't let it pass!
    If there's no rush for one, get one, it's cheap and works. Make sure to also have 2 AAA batteries available.


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