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iq teaser Customers Reviews

  • Surprisingly nice

    posted by Unit42

    This 3x3x1 "cube" is nicely made, easy to turn and feels good in the hand. People actually asked me if I had made it from a slice of a real Rubik's cube!
    I had a serious reason in buying it: I plan to use it to teach basic group theory in college. It's simple enough for most people to solve by trial and error, but still complex enough to provide a non-trivial example of group theory.
    Whether you buy this as a novelty item, as a puzzle for a young child or for its group-theoretic applications, I think you won't be disappointed by this puzzle.
  • Viponly

    posted by Viponly

    I am crazy about IQ cubes. I also bought 3x3x3 DAYAN cube 2 months before becouse DAYAN products are very comfortable and easy to solve. This cube is really good and i recomend it to everyone who like Brain Teasers.
    4x4x4 cube it's not that hard to solve as at the first look, becouse there are just a few new formules (if you allready know how to solve 3x3x3 cube).P.S. For those who want to know formulas, just type "4x4x4 rubic cube solve" in youtube.
    Sorry for my bad English .
  • Good cube (sorry for the bad english i'm french)

    posted by laurent1991

    Very good cube. good rotationDon't pop (depends on screw setting)Ready to use (already make, not a DIY)internal system (very good)
    In order no grease or clean the cube you have to make a 1/8 rotation on a face, take the midle part and turn it with an angle of 90°, the part go off, repeat to each part
    A cube for all people from beginner to expert.I'm fall in love of this cube ! very amazing . It's my 3rd cube 3x3x3 and i can't come back to my old one's.
  • Usable cube

    posted by MJerry

    Well, this IS an Eastsheen cube, whatever that mean. It says "East sheen" on it, that's for sure. The stickers are placed very carefully, and the cube is built quite well -- it's tight and precise in motion.
    Looks good until you take it in hands. Feels fragile.
    Could be better for that price.
  • Looks good, turns bad.

    posted by Yalow

    -Looks very cool.
    -Instead of the female penguin shown, I received the male version, which looks better in my opinion.
    -When it gets scrambled it changes shape, and looks really weird and neat.
    While I am happy with the version I received, it would be nice to provide two separate products, unless the male one is the only one, in which case the picture should be fixed.
    This is great to add to a cubing collection, but not much else. If you're actually interested in a 2x2 for solving, I recommend you look elsewhere, but if you just want something to stand out and be different, this is great.


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