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iq teaser ring Customers Reviews

  • Cost-benefit is awesome!

    posted by mondrongo

    - Cheap- Amusing, you are going to spend your spare time playing with them.- They are small so you need a small place to store them, even if they are a lot.
    If you are worried about something, just start playing with them and your mind just flyes into the solving process.
    Buy it, it is cheap and really nice to play with. At first, when you look at some of the puzzles you wonder "How can that be possible someone to separate this two pieces?"
  • Fun, challanging puzzles - 7 seperate items

    posted by irongrid

    * 7 seperate items, shipped together in a zip-lock bag.* Good challange - you can get them apart and together again, but takes a while to understand what you did to get it to go.* Sturdy bent metal. Hard to bend, so you cannot cheat.
    * Nice item to get if you want to challange others
    * Entertaining for both adults and children.
    * Another good value for your money here at DX.
    * You may want to look at SKU: 4797 as an alternative. The puzzles are a but different, and I cannot say anything about the build of the other product - but given you do not need seperate items - SKU: 4797 is cheaper.
  • Great for playing

    posted by MarjanC

    First of all, it's cheap. It's true, that the build quality is not at the highest level, but that's what you get for that price.
    Even though it's quite thin metal it can't be easily bent, so you can't cheat.
    It takes some time to get them apart, but once you understand how it should go, there is no problem.
    Great toy for playing when you are bored or to tease your friends.
    It's really worth buying even though you do not need it.
  • Good product

    posted by Nirvanale

    The item is not expensive according to its quality. It's really well built, it looks strong and very nice.Another good thing is the size that is kind of big, not like other small puzzles, this one looks good.The selected built material are alright and look good.
    It's a hard puzzle that can take several minutes/hours of your life to sort out.
    I am very satisfied with the product quality and challenge. It could have been a little cheaper, but i think the quality pays it of.
  • Even harder!

    posted by DeadlyAlive

    Makes me use my brain more
    Ok, this is even harder than the 7 pieces i got !! even though some are alike but some are new to me and are harder! it comes with a cheat sheet but i prefer not to look at it :)
    Good brain toy! get one of u are bored!


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