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iq ring Customers Reviews

  • Cost effective.

    posted by diegoraul

    Very good, it will take several hours to find the way to disassemble, more is not impossible, are various puzzles, then the fun is guaranteed, given to each child 14 years and almost all resolved without problems. I think the more difficult the lock is Gypsy, even after discovering the secret, if you stay a few days without moving is hard to find them again.
    Cost-effective, the price is very attractive, most products have good construction, a maximum of 10 I rate 8.
    I was pleased, and a great hobby for you and your family.
  • difficult puzzle, high quality

    posted by rami256

    Difficult puzzle which require some times to solve. The build quality is high, all parts fits together nicely. after using it for sometimes it still looks as new. For its build quality it is very cheap.
    If you are looking for some quick puzzle this is not it. Even after you understand how to solve it it require lots of operation to do it.
    very good product. Recommended!
  • great product

    posted by fresco20

    Thick steel is not bentn resistant. Wide variety of games of wit.Bring solutions to the games, it's nice when you can not fix it and you have to find the solution for another place
    tidy package. Not recommended for very young children as it brings pieces that can be put in your mouth. The measure is fine to save games in a small box
    good deal to think and solve some games. Very good choice to spend time thinking about, or for your children. a game for all ages
  • Good entertainment for a couple of hours

    posted by ricardomaffi

    EN:Nice to make you think a little. It's a good trick to give to yous friends and challenge them to separete the parts.PT-BR:É um joguinho que te faz pensar um pouco. Legal pra dar para os amigos e desefiá-los a soltar as peças.
    EN:For you that don't mind to spend some money in something kind of "useless", once you will separete all the parts, show for some friends and put it in some place and forget it... i recommend you to buy for some fun or stress (if you can't resolve the trick off you might become very angry).PT-BR:Para você que não se importa em gastar dinheiro com algo meio "inútil", porque logo você vai separar todos, mostrar para alguns amigos e guardar em algum lugar e esquecer deles, eu recomendo que compre para um pouco de diversão ou estresse (se você nao decifrar os truque logo você pode acabar ficando bem brabo).
    EN:Have fun! Or a headache...PT-BR:Divrtam-se! Ou tenham uma dor de cabeça...
  • Great thinking puzzle

    posted by Zhent

    -A good range of difficultys, a challenge for everyone!-Suprisingly good build quality and tolerances, made of strong chrome plated steel.
    A lot of fun to solve, its interesting to see how different puzzles work with different people.After previously solving one, my dad came back another time and was unable to solve it again, despite it being one of the simplist ones!The big one is very tricky to solve, took me over a week on and off to get it.
    A great gift idea for those who enjoy problem solving (and dont get frustrated easily)


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