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ipod usb power adapter

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Every single ipod usb power adapter displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Customers can also browse 5v usb power adapter or 4 usb power adapter to find their desired products. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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ipod usb power adapter Customers Reviews

  • Very nice USB Adapter

    posted by Nervak

    The product is very cheap, all the functions that a product has met so are fine. It works fine, but for such a good price I did not expect that it would work, so I'm pleasantly surprised, I hope that all the other stores that will be with this obrochníkem will perform as good as it was this.
    Another thought I probably can not think, I like the design, may have been changed instead of transparent color either white or completely black, but otherwise the quality and design suits me greatly.
    In conclusion, I would therefore like to thank the seller for his product that sold me yet is fine I use it often, I hope that nothing will go wrong and I will lengthen a long time, but for the price I probably did not expect me to vydží the end life :). Shipping was very fast until I did not expect it, when it has traveled the world by sea. Much appreciate that postage was free to me a lot presvetšilo to purchase the product.
  • good, but small flaws

    posted by ecotech

    it has good build quality, and well-thought-out features, like lots of charging ports, so you don't have to keep swapping cables in and out, or cluttering up the wall outlet with splitters and lots of separate wall-warts.it operates on 100-240vac, so the manufacturer conveniently put a standard appliance cord socket on the unit, and provided just a plug (us in this case, but there are other skus with different plugs). you can also use it with a standard appliance cord (not supplied).
    durability remains to be seen.
    it's a good product, at a fair price (not cheap by dx standards). it would be great is someone could post a copy of the instructions or a link to them (even though i think i've figured out what i need to know).
  • Works well. Saves power points

    posted by cheshirenoir

    It charges my iPad, 2 iPhones and a DS without blinking. The ports face down so they are less prone to collecting dirt. There are SO MANY ports! I can charge the majority of my devices from one socket. Feels quite solid.
    It's quite large (About the size of 2 packets of cigarettes)
    Good product that will mean a lot less stuff to lug around when we go travelling.
  • A capable little charger

    posted by Barebones

    Unlike most other USB chargers out there that generate only 500mA or 1A, this one actually produces 2.1Ah - enough to charge larger devices like iPad or tablets.As far as I could tell, both ports are 2.1A, instead of the usual 2.1A/1A configuration you find in other compact chargers.The blue LED is also a nice touch.
    An excellent choice if you want a USB charger that will work with pretty much everything, from small cellphones that need only 500mA, to large tablets that won't charge unless they get 2A.
  • Double USB Port White 3 Pin Charger

    posted by Wileest

    Nicely designed, easy to use. Very nice white color like the original apple chargers except the usb ports are on the back of the charger rather than at the bottom. Its easy to use just like any multiple plugs. It has worked magnificently since I started using it. The packing was also very good and nice. Strongly recommend this white double usb charger.
    The usb ports at the back of the charger gives it easy access to the male usb cable ends to insert. Its much easier compared with the outlet at the bottom of the plug.
    It is a very convenient charger as nowadays one normally has more than one device so traveling or charging at home, this charger does the job. It charges up easily both the Samsung and Iphone and ipad mini though I haven't tried my Ipad 2.


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