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ipod touch to iphone

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ipod touch to iphone Customers Reviews

  • good iphone 5 help

    posted by bkrijgh

    Easy to use, good option if you have a 30 pin audioplayer and you want to listen to youre music and charge youre iphone at the same time.!!
    Also usefull if you have a ipod thouch 5 generation. You can't use it for ipad cause the audio connection isnt next to the 8 pin input of the ipad
    Good product for a good price, i think original @pple connection will be around $35 so this is a good option if you do,nt want to buy a new audio player or a expensive connection adapter.!!
  • Yosion peel 520 ii

    posted by shlong69

    Despite Speculation, this model IS QUADBAND as it works with gsm 850,900,1800,1900. Fits ipod touch 4 gen purfectlyPeel Battery can be used to charge ipod touch battery which i find is usefull.Acts and looks almost like an iphone 4 but for 500 dollars cheaper!Super Good call qualityBluetooth is working wellRadio works fineOne of the cheapest Peel 520 ii on the netVery sturdy device Yosion app easy to install using cydia.Normal SIM Slot not Micro like iphoneBetter than a substandard fake iphone for sure!
    I walk along the street and everyone thinks its a iphone. it awesome!
    If your low on cash or just cant afford the iphone, buy this item as it does model the iphone very well. If you think its not possible to turn a ipod touch into a phone then im sorry to say your wrong!
  • Just plug it

    posted by philrich123

    Very simple to use. I just plug it on the ipad and on the TV and bingo. All the iPad screen is duplicated on the TV. And when you watch a video you have control of it on the iPad and the video displayed on the TV. The product seems to be good quality!
    I was looking for this cable a low price.With the iPad if you wanna watch videos on TV, first look at your iPad setting to increase the time before the iPad go sleeping mode, because if it does the video stops playing. But only the iPad is to blame for that.
    I recommend this product for it's simplicity.
  • Charge and staff sync works!

    posted by clagg

    Works well as a 30 pin or micro USB to 8 pin lightening converter.Great that you can use either input.Tried it on a iPhone 5, iPod, ipad mini and ipad 4 all charges and syncs well on either 30 pin or micro USB
    Great if you have lots of 30 pin apple cables lying around or if you need to charge/ sync new and old apple devices
    Good unit, works for data sync nod charge.
  • Does NOT support Audio!

    posted by Adeshpit

    - The price is unmatched. I looked at other retailers and couldn't find anything cheaper.- The color is black, so it goes well with black cables and devices. I gov it specifically for in-car multimedia system that has a 30-pin cable by default.
    Part of the problem is the device itself, as Apple no longer uses analog audio for its accessories.
    Basically, it is a way to convert your existing 30-pin cables to Lightning. If you are looking for audio, video and control - there are new SKUs on DX now.It can only be used for charging.

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