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ipod touch screen

If you want to purchase ipod touch screen, this is your best place to buy it. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Customers who purchased ipod touch screen also viewed screen guards ipod touch, apple ipod touch. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.
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ipod touch screen Customers Reviews

  • nice replacement

    posted by hkn8890

    the price is very low if you compare it with the original service,the quality is absolutely the same with the original lcd screen
    this lcd screen is a good buy, I have replaced my broken lcd with this one and it works fantastic.
    nice product
  • An excellent case at a great price!

    posted by zousand

    -protects the 30-PIN connector! (a big selling point for me)
    -Looks nice
    -Decent quality - see con
    -cheap! Did I mention it's cheeeeep?
    I'm very happy with this item, by far one of the best item I've ever purchased on dealsextreme. The quality to price ratio is off the charts. It's hard to find a case with a port protector like this one and trust me I've been looking. The only one I found other than this one go for 20 dollars shipped and it's no where nearly as good as this one.
    The only flaws I can think of on top of my head is that it's a bit hard to install the touch but if do it gently you won't have any trouble with it.
    and the outer silicone skin have some areas that are quite thin. Look at the pictures, the area directly below the front camera is to thin I'm sure it'll be the first part to go.
    The port connectors will also break and fall out with use but it's expected. And the audio port's protector will snag and be a pain if you listen to your headphone with the ipod in your pocket. I didn't care about it so I ripped mine off.
    Finally, it's a tad bulky. Side by side it's the same size as my iphone 2g. But I'm more than happy to trade some bulk for a sturdy case that'll help me keep my baby in pristine shape until I sell it when the next touch comes out.
    Bottom line:
    If you have a touch and you want a case with port protector, this is it. Buy 3 because I'm sure it'll get worn out in the long run and it might sell out. And even when you get three it'll still be cheaper than a comparable one you'll find elsewhere.
  • Very good pen for touchscreen

    posted by yoovee

    I bought this pen for my iPad and it's very comfortable for use. It also has a real ink pen which surprisingly very good to write with (on a real paper of course).
    The tip is rounded so accuracy is gained, I use it to draw sketches and it's accurate. The size is just perfect, length and thickness, you can use it for hours without getting tired.
    Hope it will last long enough cause I really like it. I also liked the real pen writing, wish I can find a refill...
    Very good product, I bought it blind based on the sizes of the description and find it very good and comfort pen. Get this one if you need a pen for your tablet.
  • Good service, price

    posted by KillianD

    The screen looks good and from good quality and whas delivered in a sort of protection so it couldn't damage. The price is very good, if u let repair it it costs u like 100$ and if u do it ur own with this product only like 10
    I'm not sure about the size of it, i dont know for 100 procent it will fit my ipod. I hope so
    Good service/delivery and good price. If u search a bit at the internet u'll find how to replace ur ipod screen.
  • Made a wonderful gift !!!

    posted by meark

    Very responsive and more accurate than a finger at times. Don't have to worry about smudges and smears all over the screen. Works great with drawing and writing apps! Also very light which makes it easy to move around with no hassle.
    This gives your fingers a much needed rest , makes using your ipod just easier. Especially if you or someone you know is a bit older and might have trouble with all the swiping and sweeping motions.
    For the price its a no brainer , very inexpensive alternative for anyone with an ipod , iphone !!!

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