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ipod touch 3g Customers Reviews

  • Great cheap microphone

    posted by titanic88

    Very good, cheap and very small microphone.
    It have great sound and it work with application iSmoke and with Skype and other application.
    How to use a mini microphone for your Skype via Ipod Touch.
    Your Ipod touch does not have a microphone, only speaker. In order to use it for your Skype call, you can either attached a pair of phone headset (3.5mm) or use a Mini Microphone. This article is about using a mini microphone, which is more reliable than the phone headset.
    A) Turn on your Ipod touch.
    B) Carefully plug in your mini microphone to your Ipod touch.
    C) Turn on Skype program, you will hear nothing when it comes on.
    D) Tap on "Contact" or "Call" to make your call.
    E) If "Contact" is chosen, tap on "All Contacts" and tap on a number (person) you want to call.
    F) His number will come up, tap on "Call".
    G) If "Call" is chosen, use the keypad just like your phone. Don't forget to type 1 + area code, then phone number, then tap "Call".
    G) You will see your Skype program calling that number, quickly tap on "Speaker" icon on screen. It will turn on your Ipod touch's speaker, allowing you to listen to the other person. If you fail to do this step, you will not be able to hear the other person!!! Be sure to maximize your Ipod Touch's volume (on its left side).
    H) You can use your Ipod touch as a phone, or simply have it in front of you while you talk. Adjust the sound level by pressing (up or down) on the Ipod touch's left button. You can use it as a phone by pressing it to your ear, or you can be in your bed cover and place your Ipod touch on your chest, speaking to the little attached microphone.
    Tips: While your mini Microphone is plugged in your Ipod touch, when someone calls you, you will not be able to hear your Ipod touch ringing. You can either have your Ipod touch nearby so you can see Skype program pops up, the only way to hear your Ipod touch "rings" when someone is calling you via Skype is to disconnect the little microphone.
    Don't forget to have it right next to your Ipod touch to plug it back in a hurry. (in order to talk back to your caller). This can be done easily, just pretend your life is on the line, you can do it....
    If your Skype program is not left on, it will not work. Go to your "settings" on your Ipod touch, tap on Skype and choose "on" for "Sign in Automatically" and "on" for when Device is locked, "Stay Online". This will allow your Skype program to work, even after your Ipod touch locks itself (after 5 minutes). Try it at home to see what I'm talking about.
    Buy this microphone, because this is very good, small and cheap microphone with great sound!
    I love it!
  • Cheap and works well

    posted by jphphotography

    Works in IPod touch both generations. Lets you use some of the apps that take advantage of the microphone like voice memo or shazaam for example.
    Doesn't work on all Ipod versions but that is clearly stated in the item description.
    Take advantage of more apps by using on your IPod Touch 1G or 2G
  • It works and is very useful

    posted by Alexildo

    It can holds an Ipod ou Motorola Xoom (in my case) both in vertical or horizontal positions. So it fits its purpose. It came well packed.
    Portuguese: poderia ser mais barato, é meio chato de abrir, mas funciona bem. Vem com um adesivo e uma etiqueta que nao consegui tirar. Eh capaz de segurar um Ipad ou Ipod na vertical ou na horizontal, com firmeza.
    Well, I am using it a lot, anytime, anywhere.
  • Great Ipod Stylus

    posted by Maathuis

    After I received this product, I can tell you I am pretty happy with my purchasement.1. It has a nice black colour.2. The bottom is very soft. Won't scratch you Ipod or Iphone.3. Very light.4. Won't break easy. 5. Price is great6. Just buy it :)
    Overall good pen. You should buy three, it reduces the price and if one breaks down you have another one.
  • Works well

    posted by INF3CTION

    Well, if you want a bigger stylus this one is for you. I personally think its the perfect size for me, and anyone with large hands.It's angled, which is a little bit more convenient, so that you can use it on an angle. I use mine all the time, and I love it.It is also made of a metallic shell, so its really sturdy and feels comfortable in your hands, its not just painted metal.
    Great stylus! If you're looking for one a bit bigger than the other ones at DX then this is the one to get !!


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