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  • A good charger using AA batteries.

    posted by leonardr34

    I bought this charger specifically for my iphone4 and I am glad to report that it works! iphones require specific voltages through the data lines to tell the phone if a wall charger or a usb port is plugged in. This one identifies itself to the iphone as a usb charger, which charges at 500mA.Charging at this rate allows the NiMH AA batteries to be drained at a reasonable rate, achieving good efficiency.
    Works on other phones that use USB charging too!charging efficiency will be a lot better if it uses 4x AA instead of 2x AA.Take out the batteries when not in use because the switch can be easily activated by accident.
    It won't charge fully charge an iphone 4 but that is to be expected. If you want to charge up your phone on a regular basis, get an emergency charger with an internal lithium-ion battery.Otherwise, it is enough to keep your phone usable till you find a power source.
  • Marvelous

    posted by matijake

    Item is simply great. I use it all the time. I have an iPhone wih navigation which draws tons of battery. With this charger I can plug iPhone into iPad slot and even with navi running, it charges the phone fast.Also, iPad can really be charged, meaning the output is really 2.1A.
    Charger is slim/short which is very good, since my slot has cover which closes very closely, therefore bigger/longer chargers cannot be used.I can easily recommend this item to everyone. It is thr best carcharger I had in years.
  • Great product at a good price

    posted by SkySmoker

    - Simplicity and ease of use; - Lightweight and compact; - Handy when you have a lot of gadgets and devices;- Connectors for various equipment (iPhone, Samsung); - Four jacks Connecting the devices from Apple.
    You can keep it all the time plugged in, wasting electric energy (unless it is charging gadgets) is not observed.
    Delivery is fast, useful device, the price is low… I recommend it!
  • Good price, minimalist design

    posted by tonyl

    Cheap price.Nice build.Charging status led (yellow = charging, blue = full).
    Packaging is different than picture.There are so many similar looking ones on DX but this one cost the least since it doesn't come with cables.
    I charged my Galaxy Nexus from 1% to 70% in 3 hours 20 minutes before it stopped charging. (Nexus was turned off during charging and the stock battery is rated 1750 mAh).I cannot confirm if the capacity is really 2600mAh.Someone get this and open it up :P
  • Great charger (if you don't listen to FM radio)

    posted by maqsUA

    Very good quality case. It charges two Android phones simultaneously at approx. 800-900mA according to "Battery Monitor Widget" (the original wall charger shows the same results).
    It would be an ideal device, if only it did not suppress the FM signal. But if you're not a radio-listener - it's worth buying.But still it's a good device, it gives enough current to power any of my portable devices.


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