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ipod 2g Customers Reviews

  • Great Ipod Stylus

    posted by Maathuis

    After I received this product, I can tell you I am pretty happy with my purchasement.1. It has a nice black colour.2. The bottom is very soft. Won't scratch you Ipod or Iphone.3. Very light.4. Won't break easy. 5. Price is great6. Just buy it :)
    Overall good pen. You should buy three, it reduces the price and if one breaks down you have another one.
  • Cool and Handy

    posted by Robster2107

    I am so very super impressed with this easy, simple to use microphone. My ipod was not built with a built in mic so this works great. plus the keychain/string attaches to my ipod case so I can have it wherever I go if I want. I love this size. No wires. Easy to use. Plug and play. no special software/apps needed.
    Fun for voice changing apps.
    get it.
  • if you need it, is very nice

    posted by GLniner

    clear sound recorded on my iphone 3gs.
    workes right away when pluged in.
    makes the calles when using speaker much more clear to the other side...
    no more "what was that" when talking with the speaker..
    if you know you need it, get it...
    be prepared with a flexible case or without a case at all, if you want it to fit...
    if you need to recored stuff, or want to improve speaker calles quality, get it...
  • Great bit of handy kit

    posted by deepockets

    A really handy compact charger. This little baby charges my ipod touch 3g, android phone, as well as 3 different mp3 players i own. Use good quality batteries, or rechargeables for a good charge.
    Torch beams not great,but thats not an issue,as its an extra function, on a good charger,which is its main and most important function.
    Its a good value, cheap charger, A compact reliable charger for everyday use.
  • Usefull pen

    posted by selepko

    Keeps good, Competitive price, Nice look and finish, Thin and light atylus. Very usefull thing for writing and drawing.
    The touch of your finger is the best :)) (on any capacative screen )! Sometimes is faster typing text with your finger as a pen. The tip of the pen could be a little thinner.
    It is small, keeps good and looks good. If you want a good pen for good money - here it is! I think it is a usefull tool.

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