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iphone translucent black Customers Reviews

  • Very nice case

    posted by JeepMaster

    This is a very clean looking, simple and effective case. Cut outs are exactly where it should be and big enough that it doesn't affect the camera at all. This case is made of soft plastic, but not as soft as the typical rubbery silicone. It slides into my jeans pocket easily. I don't know what other reviews are seeing. This case doesn't attract dust compare to the typical silicone ones, which sticks to dust like glue. You know what I mean if you have one of those rubbery silicone case. It is thin yet protects the iphone from scraches and drops (short drops). I've got many people saying it's a nice simple thin case. I've drop it quite a few times on carpet, hard wood, and tile floor from waist height with no damage at all to the iphone.
    It is one of the best case if you want to keep the iphone simple and thin.
    Must buy if you have an iphone 4.
  • Very useful

    posted by rott3n

    Works as advertised.The SIM ejector tool is very similar to the original, feels exactly equal.
    I glued this inside of the battery case of my backup cellphone, that I carry in my emergency kit.Everytime my iPhone battery died, I just slipped the SIM inside of this and used my old veteran Nokia 6060.
    I think every iPhone 4/4S owner should have this inside your wallet or something, so you can use your friend's cellphones in some situations where you'll find yourself with a dead battery. Or, like me, keep it inside a backup phone at all times.
  • Great protector!

    posted by neoxatax

    Great looks. Doesn't interefere with the usage of the phone. Clear grey color looks nice, thin enough to don't bother and soid enough to stay in place. Almost perfect fit.
    At first you will think it will not fit but with a little pressure it fits and stays in place. Scratches pretty quickly and becomes dull in the back, not as transparent as before but hey, it's ok, that's what protectors are for. Once removed Iphone is intact.
    Great protector, great price, get one NOW if you want to keep the looks and stay moderately safe. Combine it with SKU 14400 and be happy.
  • Very good case

    posted by micflaifel

    Pros: This case imitates style from the Belkin Ice Box or some other brand name case. You can see the rear of the iPhone and it looks really nice. No one will ever tell that is not name brand. It is very hard and durable and feels like it will last and resist shock from falls. Very nice durable case and I am very pleased with my buy. I might buy a whole box, they are that good..
    Other: Great styling Great Price Great quality Great Everything Perfect buy
    Easy to use
  • Case is sturdy and unobtrusive

    posted by brianc

    The case is sturdy and being translucent, it is unobtrusive. I really like how the buttons are nicely covered by the firm, yet pliable silicone material.
    The buttons that cover the volume buttons are easy to depress.
    If you are looking for a basic case cover for your iPhone 5, this would be a good option for you. If you are looking for a case with more rugged protection, then there are others on this site that do provide the level of protection you will need.


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