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iphone stylus pen

You can easily find the latest low priced iphone stylus pen offered at our online shop. Up to 50%! China's leading online retailer -- DX. htc stylus pen and screen stylus pen are the hottest keywords that customer use. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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iphone stylus pen Customers Reviews

  • Allright product

    posted by fhelene

    It is a "compact" pen, which means you can adjust the size. It has this little hanger you can hang onto your phone . Unfortunately, this does not work on my iPhone. It works great with the surface, and nice to use. You can get it in different colours to match your phone :)
    It has a nice surface.
    A great, cheap product , and useful if you need it only to use it for fun, such as draw something and similar apps. (Which was the whole reason I bought it! )
  • Good quality, really protable

    posted by hernantojo7

    Portable: it is smaller than standard capactive touch screen stylus pen, so you can take with any device.Quality is good eider the tip, the general construction an looks durable.It has a holding system to plug in your device headset plug which is good to carry.it is very convenient and the 2 units package is really a good option, for 2 persons or to use in 2 devices.
    A very good option. it helps to keep screen clean of finger marks
  • better then I expected

    posted by woltman

    The quality is very good, and it works perfect. First you need about 5 min training but then it works great. It comes in a apple package but you can use it on all capacitive touchscreens. I've tried it on apple product but also from Samsung and Sony. No problem.
    I recommend this product because the low price and the high level of usefulness. Normally I don't write reviews but this product have earned it.
    When you doubt about with stylus pen you want to buy, choose this one because it costs almost nothing and it works great.
  • love it

    posted by cashotic

    looooooove it , it just make my day better with this stylus . it works super great, i tipe messages at a very fast rate now and its easy to select or deselect things on my phone without having the problem of selecting something wrong, its very well built and very cheap
    i would recomend it to everyone who has a problem with typing on a touchscreen
    looooooooove it and will buy another one soon (need the extra head)
  • A must in the winter

    posted by pablo285

    Stylish look.Retractable.Solid metal build.Works well with my Android smartphone.
    In the winter I do geocaching a lot and that requires a lot of interaction with my phone. When the temperature is below 0 degC it can become very unpleasant to go around without gloves on your hands...this thingy is just the perfect solution!
    A very good procuts for the price - very helpful in the winter.

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