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iphone stickers Customers Reviews

  • Must see in person

    posted by Poisonz

    Thick and easy to apply, almost bubble free. It offers very shining look.It looks alike a Pink version of iPhone.It has better grip after apply the sticker.
    It is not hot pink color as wanted, but this pastel pink looks just as good. I wish they makes matted screen. Im just not used to see myself when the screen is black.
    Its good to order extra to replace the front and the side. Those are wear and tear things for long run.
  • nice speaker

    posted by iamasausage

    Nice speaker , I was always looking for a portable speaker but could never find anything cheap enough that wasnt rubbish , with this you can put it in the top pocket of your jacket and stick the speaker to your bicycle helmate the sound quality on the inside of the helmate is great, nice bass clear sound. i find that the bigger and broader the object the better the music quality is.
    the more surface area of the object you want to stick it to the better , unless its a box with one open end, put your head in the box and woohoo bass.
    good product for a cheap price!!
  • Cheap and fun

    posted by mmonsterr1988

    It is a matt protector, the build quality and packaging of this product is impressive considering it's price point. This is a must for people who wants to decorate their iphone. It's make the iphone looks much more fun and interesting.
    Very fun stuff to buy. The dimension of the protector could be improve and it should have options to come in clear or matt protector.
    I recommend this if you have money to spare to decorate your phone.
  • Home button stickers.

    posted by Kevin3655

    The stickers are very tight, they won't fall off when you rub it. You also can choose which one you would like to put on your home button, because you get 6 of them. And they fits perfectly.
    I think it is very funny to give this to someone who has a iPhone as a gift.
    Nice gift for a little price. But I think when you leave your homebutton original it is more beautiful.
  • 999 gold look alike

    posted by Poisonz

    Very nice color and carbon fiber looks great as a sticker. It came with screen protector along with the front frame. The texture is a none slip and felt like a real thing.It looks very cool using with a clear soft case.
    You may want to use a soft or silicon case/cover to prevent the sticker get pushed around the edges.I like the sticker, so I made a video to show you the color.http://youtu.be/EMt5lSkVz3E
    Great buy, but price could be lower as it may not last long without a case/cover because of the dust gets on the edge and it would start peeling off.

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