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iphone sim card Customers Reviews

  • Lost the lightningport protector on day one

    posted by driesdk

    Stylisch, cheap and good build quality (I can only speak for the earphone plug, because the protector of the lightning port fel out of the port on day one, and I never found back.Nice that you use the earphone plug as a sim-tray extraction tool.
    Good enough. I just use it to protect my earphone hole since thats the place where the most anoying dust collects.
    Wished it fitted better in the lightning port.
  • great little item - handy and useful

    posted by Kaluach

    Unbelievably useful. Not only does it prevent dust and dirt getting into the device, but now I always have a SIM "key" when I need it - instead of having to always bring along Apple's "designer" SIM key.
    Doesn't fit flush as I was expecting, and then I realized if it fit flush there would be now way to remove it.
    I could use a cold beer.
    Very handy and unbelievably useful. No need for Apple's SIM key if you're using this to protect your phone.
  • I works well!!!

    posted by jytkd

    This kit of joint of SIM cards gets all that you need. If your iPhone dies, you can put your SIM card to another phone. I had one of micro SIM, but with iPhone 5 I needed another for nano SIM.
    Some troubles comes with use along time. Some adapters can become lax and lack of fit of SIM can disturb smartphone use. I think that plastic materials, including the SIM card too, can suffer this wearing out.
    Needful kit for iPhone or other NANO SIM users!
  • It is what it is...

    posted by misubisu

    What can you say... it is what it is.
    - Fits in the iPhone 3G perfectly (as good as the original)
    - Build quality is as good as the original.
    - It's perfect
    Ordinarily you wouldn't need more than one of these... but as I have two sim cards that I exchange regularly, it was handy to have a spare one: http://jaime.net.temp/2sim.jpg
    If you need a spare sim tray for your iPhone 3G then this one will suite your purpose... if you are happy with the price.
  • Great quality

    posted by gyrst

    Over all there is not much to it its just a replacement part, but indeed it works great and fits perfectly, just like the real deal. I do like it very much and appreciate the quality of the product. every thing fits as it is supposed to and it is made of a very durable aluminum alloy considering the thickness
    I like the availability of dealExtreme and the fact that they have every think you need!
    Great product finley crafted and good looking :D :D :D

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