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These cool iphone repair tools are high quality and at affordable prices. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. Try browsing iphone 3gs repair, iphone repair set. DX is the best cool gadgets provider, so take action now and come take a look at our site dx.com.
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iphone repair tools Customers Reviews

  • Good quality and easy to use

    posted by aspern

    - Almost every tool for iPhone 4/s repairs in this set.- Screwdrivers fit perfectly to the screws.- Magnetic screwdrivers.- The T 0.8 screwdriver opens iPhone 5.- Very solid plastic inlay. Does not break when you put back your tools.
    Haven't tried to repair iPhone 5 with this set but I think it's possible.Packaging is ok.
  • This one fits my iphone 4

    posted by heng84

    well i was worried about all those comments i read from users that some of the star shaped screw drivers sold here is either too big or too small... im glad that this item worked for my iphone4... it fits well.. and i was able to change my iphone4 home button with this thank god. it saves me $$$
    im from malaysia, i dont know do they have any sorts of iphone based on regions or they were all same.. because i saw some of my friends using iphone 4 from earlier batch their iphones screw were philips (+) shaped and some later batch were in star shaped. so im not too sure..
  • El kit esta bien pero hecho en falta partes

    posted by basnek

    Kit sencillo de herramientas para desmontar el iPhone
    He comprado este producto junto con el boton de inico para poder abrir el equipo y estoy a la espera de poder realizar el cambio dado que al ver algunos videos es bastante engorroso el tema. Sera cuestión de ver bien el video y ser muy organizado a la hora de realizar el reemplazo de esta pieza en el teléfono
    LLevo largo tiempo sin poder usar el botón de inicio por lo cual estoy a la espera de poder volver a utilizar el botón de inicio de mi teléfono y espero poder lograr hacerlo funcionar.
  • Best value ipod/iphone tool set

    posted by adrian6

    Having searched around for different sets and combinations of the tools, I feel this is the best value set. The usual plastic opening tools are standard, it's the 4 screw drivers meant for the newer iphone models that made me purchase this as this should should make them more future-proof.
    It the sets come in a plastic tool-holder, it'll make a very neat tool set.
    Worth to get it.
  • very usefull tools, good quality at a good price

    posted by jared2085

    good set of tools for work on cell phones and small electronics. I love the metal pry tools, changed the way I work on electronics that I didn't intend to use them on when I purchased the kit.
    I love the craftsmanship on the screwdriver kit, very precise tweezers make it much easier to manipulate small parts, and the case pry tools have served themselves well working on, game consoles, phones, tablets, laptops... the list can go on.
    worth the price, I expected to find cheaper kits but in the end in happy to pay the price for the quality that exceeded my expectations.

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