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  • Awesome

    posted by rndvud6gqim1w

    It does the job. I like how it keeps the screws organized so you know where to put everything. Make sure to follow a previous youtube post
    Make sure to follow a previous youtube post while you are assembling/dissassembling your phone. If you don't than you are risking the potential to lose track of where certain parts go and how to properly remove the parts without damaging parts of your phone.
    Totally worth the price, it's excellent bang for your buck!!!
  • This one fits my iphone 4

    posted by heng84

    well i was worried about all those comments i read from users that some of the star shaped screw drivers sold here is either too big or too small... im glad that this item worked for my iphone4... it fits well.. and i was able to change my iphone4 home button with this thank god. it saves me $$$
    im from malaysia, i dont know do they have any sorts of iphone based on regions or they were all same.. because i saw some of my friends using iphone 4 from earlier batch their iphones screw were philips (+) shaped and some later batch were in star shaped. so im not too sure..
  • Good and cheap screwdriver set

    posted by LStausholm

    I often change my cover on my iphone to get different colors, and with this screwdriver set it is very easy. I lost my old one and it was very similar to this one, and im glad i bought this.
    Im missing a little bag or case to hold them together aften you have opened the box
    If you change your iphone cover often and maybe you help other people repair Theres. This set will help you alot. If also holds tools to open the phone without maken scratches.
  • Perfect Pentalope Screwdriver

    posted by CanadianEthan

    This pentalope screwdriver works perfectly. Does exactly what its supposed to and works with iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5. *Fits perfectly and with the end being on a ball end you can easily spin the screwdriver for ease of use*Good price. You can't go wrong for the price*Perfectly sturdy construction for a screwdriver
    For the price you should order it. But if you do not have a very good phillips and flathead screwdrivers you should order something more like: SKU: 179159
    If you need a pentalope screwdriver, order this one. You wont regret it
  • Excellent for Smartphone repair such as screen replacement

    posted by Pai10

    Excellent for Smartphone repair such as screen replacement help to make the work easy. All you need it this tool set and a worm air source for the adhesive.This price is nothing compare to one time replacement service cost.
    Be very careful to follow the instructions in YouTube for the exact model, before you start disassembly of your phone.
    This is very delicate job – if you are don’t know what you are doing – you better not do it…


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