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On this page, you can find a wide selection of iphone professional tools. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Customers who purchased iphone professional tools also viewed screen iphone tool, tool iphone cover. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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iphone professional tools Customers Reviews

  • Very Helpful

    posted by Koiti

    Board to separate the little screws, due to this, isn't so easy to lost the screws, but it doesn't guarantee you won't switch one screw to another;The screw driver set and the tool to remove the microchip is very helpful;It’s cheap for the functionality.
    It comes with all tools do you need to disassemble your phone without damage any parts of your gadget!
    I think it worth, because I could disassemble my phone without damage anything!
  • very good tool

    posted by Zoran68

    Excellent and indispensable tool ... without it, can not work Iphone..... this tool can do a lot of other devices, may well serve to open remote controls, monitors, it is important that when you open it without damaging the plastic, it does not leave a scratch.
    You do not need to say anything, and a great tool odluicnog qualityScrewdriver is so small that you can open and watches, as well as other mobile phones.It can also be used to play the guitar (of course a little laughter)
    I would recommend anyone to buy this tool
  • Good kit!

    posted by SimenZhor

    - Probably everything you need for iPhone DIY replacement (exept 1, small, flathead screwdriver).- Tweezers. USEFULL!- Got the SIM-card removal tool. Chances you have lost the original are great.
    The suction cup is not needed at all. When replacing both screen, home button and back-panel I forgot that I even had a suction cup.The tools you are gonna use are:- Star screwdriver (two first screws)- Cross screwdriver (rest of the screws exept one)- Tweezers- Screen removal tool (included here aswell)- Flathead screwdriver (will be needed for ONE screw)
    Good kit!
  • Very useful kit for Iphone repair

    posted by Charline29

    I use it every day, it is the kit completes for iPhone 3,4,5 IPods and IPad. The kit is complete and rather resistant. Three screwdrivers are very useful. I can repair an Iphone very quickly with it without loss of screw.
    The perfect kit for small repairer so novice as expert.
    Very useful and really cheap, has to put in your wish list.
  • El kit esta bien pero hecho en falta partes

    posted by basnek

    Kit sencillo de herramientas para desmontar el iPhone
    He comprado este producto junto con el boton de inico para poder abrir el equipo y estoy a la espera de poder realizar el cambio dado que al ver algunos videos es bastante engorroso el tema. Sera cuestión de ver bien el video y ser muy organizado a la hora de realizar el reemplazo de esta pieza en el teléfono
    LLevo largo tiempo sin poder usar el botón de inicio por lo cual estoy a la espera de poder volver a utilizar el botón de inicio de mi teléfono y espero poder lograr hacerlo funcionar.

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