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iphone plastic case

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase iphone plastic case here and you can save money at the same time. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. You can also browse iphone case hard plastic and plastic protective case iphone. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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iphone plastic case Customers Reviews

  • Protects very much!

    posted by rdani

    -Protects well, nice design. - inexpensive. -very good material, stays very tight and firm. -Its shape makes it protect the whole areas of the phone (besides the screen) - this is important, because iPhone 5 is very fragile and can get scratched or smashed really easily. With this case you won't have that problem, since all the parts are protected.
    One of my favorites!
    very nice.
  • A very good and useful case for Iphone

    posted by babusco

    This Beer Pattern Plastic Back Case for iPhone is a very resistant case. It has beautiful bright colorsand it make a good protection to IPhone. Is very easy to use.
    I don't have any doubts about this product it's a very good acquisition for a lot of people. The quality is exceptional. This Plastic Case is awesome.
    This case is a very interest case to use with your friends at the bar. Meet then and certainly you make sucess!
  • Fancy

    posted by iMiiXz

    This is a good protective case at the same time as it is good looking. The mirroring effect on the back makes the product look more premium and stylish. Buttons are easily accessible with the case on.
    The case gives you a good grip around the phone at same time as the back is made of glass/plastic.
    If you want a stylish, simple and cheap case and don't care if it gets some scratches this is a good product for you.
  • Very good case!

    posted by Mira995

    This case is the best that I ever seen! She is the best for protect your iphone's window. I bought two cases and this case attended me very well, my necessity of protect the window and back of iphone was supressed. And the price is other good point of this product!
    Very good protection to the back of Iphone too. And She is very hard. She can protect your phone for every type of collision.
    I recommend this case for all consumers of Deal Extreme. You will not be remorseful, after buy this case.
  • A very good protector case!

    posted by kawa1971

    A very good protector case for the price. Fits well and easy to install. Seems solid. Semi-soft rubber on the frame and hard backside. Easy access to all buttons on the side.
    At first, before installing it on the phone, I wasn't sure if the two parts would hold together as they seemed a bit loose, but when installed on the phone it holds together as it shoould.
    Absolutely recommended. Does the job and looks real good on the phone.

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