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  • I works well!!!

    posted by jytkd

    This kit of joint of SIM cards gets all that you need. If your iPhone dies, you can put your SIM card to another phone. I had one of micro SIM, but with iPhone 5 I needed another for nano SIM.
    Some troubles comes with use along time. Some adapters can become lax and lack of fit of SIM can disturb smartphone use. I think that plastic materials, including the SIM card too, can suffer this wearing out.
    Needful kit for iPhone or other NANO SIM users!
  • Cheap and good screen protectors.

    posted by abhira

    THE PRICE! It's absurdly cheap! I've bought already some "brand screen protectors" for iPhone 5, but they don't last more than 2 months. These are lasting more. And for some dollars, you have 10. My screen protectors usually don't last a lot (keys and coins destroy them), and with a lot of them for a good price, I can replace them monthly.
    The package is very good, so they didn't come "smashed". And, again, the price worth.
    I'm very satisfied with the product and DX shipping and packaging.
  • Very good products at a great price

    posted by ericje627

    Very nice quality protective film at a great price.The display quality through the sheet is good.Application on the device is quite easy and it stays on well.Quite fast shipping to Netherlands (about 2 weeks).Fits perfectly to the phone
    The image on the package suggests that it's for an iPhone 4 / 4S, however it's for iPhone 5 (Description was correct.)
    Nice product, cheap. Reccommended to buy if you need more than one screenprotector.
  • Works!

    posted by the7thking

    Very cheap!For 2 usd, you get 10 of these things.Elsewhere on dx, for something around less than a dollar, you just get 1.Works as advertised.Easy to insder sim in this adapter.
    Be careful while using... if you see one which is not too good, then don't risk putting your sim in it. Try another one since you will be having other 9 to choose from :)Make sure the sim's golden part will stay on the open side.
    Is a good buy considering that for 2 USD you get 10 of these!
  • Good, but blurs a little bit

    posted by arhiramatsu

    Cheap and seems durable. No more fingerprints or other oils on the screen.Until now, no visible scratches.Gives a cool, opaque look.Easy to apply.
    I've seen some friends with matte frosted screen protectors that look better, they do not distort the images of your beautiful retina screen
    It is worth for the money, but next time I think I'll get a clear screen proctector (glossy), not this matte frosted.

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