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iphone male female adapter

Every single iphone male female adapter displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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iphone male female adapter Customers Reviews

  • Very worth it

    posted by chaosmarine92

    Can't get one for a better price anywhere. Works exactly as advertised. The splitter was a nice bonus for me.
    Ive had mine for about 1.5 years now and its just now starting to wear out. It still works fine but the case around the plug is starting to come off and the plug is kinda loose inside it.
    If you need an adapter like this then definitely buy this. It will last a solid year at least, probably longer if treated well.
  • Works perfectly

    posted by AndreasGassmann

    Works perfectly, just as expected. There is not much else to say about this product. The quality is really good. Compared to the original apple adapter (which costs more than 10 times as much!), this one is a tiny bit slimmer but longer. The micro USB fits in nicely, and the Lightning Connector is snappy.
    If you need a Micro USB to 8-Pin Lightning Adapter, then this is the product for you. It works as expected and the quality is good. I also prefer the black color because it matches to the color of my phone rather than the cable.
  • Perfect!

    posted by govindcs33

    Not much that can go wrong with this and nothing does. Works great. i got 2 of them! The plastic cap for the connector is an added bonus. Not sure if all of them come with one.
    Well just get it if you have a lot more micro-usb cables than apple ones! (most people do... don't they?)
    Get it! (if you need it). Also, I think this was the cheapest model/version that was available at the time when I got it. Maybe now there are cheaper ones. But this one works and build is good too!
  • Yes! it works with the iPhone 5

    posted by Frenky456

    Very cheap comparing with the original part from Apple (30 euro!). And yes it works! The iPhone charges and also the datatransfer works.When you think what is so special about it? The new ligthing connection uses cables/connectors with an buildin chip to check if it is a genuine part. So this adapter has also a working chip.
    No other Thoughts
    Very cheap and it works.
  • Half the price double the value

    posted by dunantar

    Save lot of good money. You can buy anything instead of exhibiting the original logo. It is a simple thing and this one just works as well as the original one.
    You can spend a lot of money just in buying cables adaptors and other extras so one has always be looking for this bargains.
    I think that you should always think about the money with these things. Just boy one if you have an ipad or an iphone it is great to have the option to send external image from your device for presentations for example.

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