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iphone lighting charger Customers Reviews

  • Nice device

    posted by Redic

    - small- can charge/discharge 1 to 4 batteries
    The scheme is 1s4p with DC-DC step up booster, maybe it would be better to create 2s2p?
    Nice device, get it only for ~$25 while analogs costs ~$50, and can use batteries in flashlight or other devices.
  • Very useful!

    posted by misterprimo

    - The built is great- Comes with a useful led for emergency illumination- Accepts other devices that use USB interface to be charged (attempt to do not use it with devices with high charge capacity like iPad... I dont know if it will work fine).
    - I lost my charger on my last travel. But I am buying another one (black) because it is very useful specially because when traveling the iPhone consumes a lot of battery and this charger has saved me lots of times!- I doesnt come with baterries.
    - I strongly recommend it for that iPhone users that frequently are looking for a electrical outlet on airports!
  • Great bit of handy kit

    posted by deepockets

    A really handy compact charger. This little baby charges my ipod touch 3g, android phone, as well as 3 different mp3 players i own. Use good quality batteries, or rechargeables for a good charge.
    Torch beams not great,but thats not an issue,as its an extra function, on a good charger,which is its main and most important function.
    Its a good value, cheap charger, A compact reliable charger for everyday use.
  • Great value for money would recommend

    posted by kosgor

    On the side is a button that includes trehdiodny charge indicator (shows a full charge, 40% and 20% - on feelings).Then add a little speed charging, charging box for a long time, charging from the planchette (2000mAh) 6 hours of charging, charging from Smart (1000mAh) about 10-11 hours. From the company even tried to charge. At the outlet stated 1000mAhThe top of the box are located (right to left): LED-charging indicator (red - is charging, green - a charge), a connector miniUSB (of him being charged), a USB output to charge different devices, jack round charging LED indicator work (glow, inclusive ... more like a flashlight can be used). Cover box rests on two self-tapping screws, if they loosen, the cover can be easily removed and we can see the inside of boxing and 4 cans 18650. BATTERY inserted easily, anyone who knows how to insert the batteries in the remote control or the player will cope without problems.
    Charging turned out quite well! Battery capacity is large. Flashlight, though not easy, but useful. A light weight (about 300g) and compact size (105h82h22mm) allowed no problem to carry a backpack.
    Because of its size and functionality of the cord is an indispensable thing for travel. Great value for money would recommend
  • Much better than the 2xAA version but...

    posted by dtchan2

    Very light weight and easy to carry around in a pocket/purse/bag. LED indicator, and by their own words, a convenient LED flashlight.
    I have a battery meter and metered 3 fresh AA batteries prior to placing them in the unit. They registered at 1.76v on average for each. After using them in this unit in the LED Flashlight mode for 5 minute. I metered the batteries again and they only read 1.5v average. Only 5 mins of use and the LED flashlight drained 1/4 of the battery life away. So it is useless as an emergancy lamp. The RED LED indicator will flash in the flashlight mode if the batteries are too weak to operate that mode. In the OFF mode, the RED LED will flash if the batteries are dead or almost dead. The RED LED in the USB mode flashes to indicate it is supplying power to the USB port and does not indicate it is charging because it will still flash without a device plugged into it in the USB mode.
    Opening the device was tricky and best grabbed along the spine instead of the face. The cover slides down. It is best if held in your right hand between your thumb and fore finger. Then simply pull your fore finger towards the base of your thumb and the cover slides off easily. If you are left handed. Also hold between the fore finger and thumb only pull downward with your thumb.


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