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Every single iphone lens clip displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. lens iphone red or lens set iphone contains many hot and popular products. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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iphone lens clip Customers Reviews

  • I love it

    posted by Jorkapp

    The universal clip on macro/fish eye lens is the perfect companion for my cellphone. Its easy to use and can be used on any cellphones, not just iPhone which is great because I am not an iPhone user. The lens clip on easily and the pictures are great you are using it!
    For this price you cant go wrong. Its easy to use and I love using the macro on everything!
    I recommend it! It is a must have for everyone who has a social networking sight that you use to post pictures
  • Easy to use lens

    posted by Donnatjj

    This Universal Clip-On is very easy to use. I use it on my Android phone but because of the Universal clip you can use it on each phone. I love the Fisheye lens! It's also small and in the package there is a little bag where you can put the clip-on in
    The Macro lens is not very special, but for this price it doesn't matter.
    All things together, I think this Clip-on is great for using when you're going somewhere
  • Nice clip on polarized filter

    posted by AlphaOmega2k

    It is universal. Will fit almost every smartphone. Perfectly fits iPhone 4 and 5 (4S and 5S as well). Does its job well - there's a ring that you can rotate changing the intensity (angle) of polarisation. It really removes all sun glares and reflections.
    Please note, that it removes only sun-generated reflections - the artifitical light glares are not removed by it.
    A good gadget for your phone.
  • Pretty nice product

    posted by ericovk

    - Easy to use- Comes with a usefull little bag, nice to have when you carry it with you and don't want to make the lens dirty- Works very nice with iPhone 4 and 5- The clip is strong enough so you can even run with your phone while filming- fisheye is always cool
    It's worth the money. A nice set that you can also use on future phones.
    Buy if you are in doubt. It's a nice product to impress friends. Buy the black version if you don't want the red bevel.
  • Fun and Useful Gadget

    posted by monsieurtoh

    This product has good design and build quality. It can be easily setup and can take good macro and wide angle (more like fish eye) photos on my Samsung Galaxy S3.
    Personally I'm quite OCD so the need to constantly readjust the lens in order to get it centralized with the camera lens is quite annoying. If you're like me then it might be better to simply get the magnetic ones.
    It's not exactly cheap, but definitely cheaper than most of the alternatives out there. If you like playing with your phone camera this is definitely a good buy. If you know someone like that then they make good gifts too!

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