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  • Kewl

    posted by Robamirault

    I thought I'd give it a shot and found it to be a useful tool. Been in a situation many time where it came in handy. I sometimes work in low signal zones and this can cause the battery to drain faster than usual. This unit has kept my phone operational until I was able to plug it in to charge. The portability factor was important to me as well. The unit hangs there as I use it but better than not being able to use the phone at all.
    Not sorry that I bought it and recommend it to anyone who needs there phone and des not have long enough life out of the battery in their phone.
    Nice little unit for a decent price
  • Good product for the price

    posted by Maxfire2626

    This emergency phone charger is mostly well made and designed. It is good that it runs on AA batteries because u can buy them almost anywhere. the small led flash light on the top is bright and always works well. The USB phone/iphone/ipod charger works well most of the time. The small red L.E.D is very useful showing you when the batteries are running low. It is a very good size and easily fits in your pocket.
    You would probably be better of getting a portable charger with its own battery, unless you need to do a lot of charging.
    Only get this if u don't mind buying lots of AA batteries for it. But it is well made and strong enough.
  • Much better than the 2xAA version but...

    posted by dtchan2

    Very light weight and easy to carry around in a pocket/purse/bag. LED indicator, and by their own words, a convenient LED flashlight.
    I have a battery meter and metered 3 fresh AA batteries prior to placing them in the unit. They registered at 1.76v on average for each. After using them in this unit in the LED Flashlight mode for 5 minute. I metered the batteries again and they only read 1.5v average. Only 5 mins of use and the LED flashlight drained 1/4 of the battery life away. So it is useless as an emergancy lamp. The RED LED indicator will flash in the flashlight mode if the batteries are too weak to operate that mode. In the OFF mode, the RED LED will flash if the batteries are dead or almost dead. The RED LED in the USB mode flashes to indicate it is supplying power to the USB port and does not indicate it is charging because it will still flash without a device plugged into it in the USB mode.
    Opening the device was tricky and best grabbed along the spine instead of the face. The cover slides down. It is best if held in your right hand between your thumb and fore finger. Then simply pull your fore finger towards the base of your thumb and the cover slides off easily. If you are left handed. Also hold between the fore finger and thumb only pull downward with your thumb.

    posted by muratbayer

    -It comes with an enormous flashlight that makes not only your path but also a room enough to be lightened.-The black color of battery and flash light makes you feel high quality.
    -I like the quality, the flashlightpower but what if it happens that were above 5000mAH were?-I may buy a flashlight seperately for a higher capacity range device.
    -In daily usage you can use easily.


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