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iphone ipad Customers Reviews

  • Great for phone/phablet

    posted by romainpnct

    Very lightEasy to carry everywhereNon slip extremitiesGreat for video, ebooks and also music (keeps the speaker on the phone from being muffled)
    Great for phones up to 5 inches, but above that beware.
    Always in my backpack.Tried it with 6 inch phone and was not impressed (bent too much, so the device was not as upright as when used with a 4.5 inches phone, making watching videos unpractical).
  • Absolutely great

    posted by Pdunkel

    Super-good quality, easy to use, good sound quality, well built, quick and fast to use and install. Works great with iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, MAc, anything...
    If you do interviews, sing, record, do anything - buy this. I think I will buy a stand to this mike, too. This fits into any standard mike stand, I think.
    Very good, I like this. And I have already used it a lot! Works great, more than I expected. I can easily recommend this to anyone with a smart phone and a need to do quality sound recordings.
  • Good earphones for sport and other acticities

    posted by fox634

    I really like the cords, not easy to tangle. They survive the light rain and sweat pretty well. The total length of the cords is also sufficient and practical. I prefer to use them outside over my original ipod earphones.
    The sound quality is average but serves the purpose I needed (outdoor and sport usage). I can hear the incoming calls pretty well and they can hear me back.
    Very good value for your buck. I would purchase them again.
  • Charges iPads and more

    posted by tvdahl

    * Gives enough power to charge iPad* Can charge 2 iPads at the same tame (maybe more - haven't tried)* 4 USB ports* Red light while charging - blue when idle. Easy to see if charging is complete without checking the devices.* Great product!
    You can plug any USB cable to this adapter and it will charge your device. We use it for both Huawei phones, jawbone devices, iPhones, iPads and more.
    This is a great product that is in daily use. We use it for charging anything that charges via USB. One of my best buys at DealExtreme. It's not the cheapest product, but for us it was well worth the price.
  • Really Decent

    posted by ejm002

    It's a very small, and portable. The sound quality on the speakers are decent. I have to adjust my volume when I have it plugged to my iPod. I tested it on my tablet, and it works really well with it. There is no need to lower the volume. It doesn't take that long to charge the speakers. The battery life for the speakers is a good length of time before it dies out, and needs to be charged again.
    I like it. It's a very portable speaker with pretty decent sound quality. It's pretty loud actually.
    It's a good buy, I haven't been let down by it so far.

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