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iphone case tape

These cool iphone case tape are high quality and at affordable prices. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. You can also browse iphone wallet case, iphone 3g cases. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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iphone case tape Customers Reviews

  • Cool looking case!

    posted by polaivar

    - Very interesting looking case (actually looks like a cassette tape!)- Made with hard plastic that feels like it would protect my phone if I dropped it- Fits on tightly
    - Great looking case if you don't mind the fact that it doesn't wrap all the way around the iPhone like a bumper or most other plastic/silicone cases do - The fact that the corners of the case don't stick to the corners of the phone make it look like it's going to fall off (even though it's on quite tight) - I didn't like that it didn't wrap around the face of the phone a little bit, which makes it seem like there's less protection to my phone
  • Nice Case,

    posted by Rkaram

    Very grippy, great Retro look, Fits the phone perfectly, Price is especially good considering what these sorts of covers retail for in Brazil. looks like a real cassette -all details are autentic -fits great -the price is unbeatable..., no one believes when i said how much it cost -my phone.
    It makes the iPhone look good if you want to protect it, and gives you a sense of retro style plus always makes people smile when they see it.
    I bought two just in case for the future.
  • very cool

    posted by brynjaro

    a very nice and cheap way of tuning up your iPhone :)its very cheap and easy way to get a different and cooler iphone then every others :)
    overral, a very nice product and dx has alot of different designs!
    CHEAP, NICE, THOUGH LOOKBUT the case isnt 100% perfect
  • Super cool looking, good quality.

    posted by mrleolito

    The case is made from super hard plastic that will last for a long time.Its hard to get scratches in the case since its made of hard plastic. the picture is really nice looking. comes at a great price.
    you can see a bit of the picture on the side of the case.
    nice looking, great quality, cheap price but you get blurry pictures when you have the flash on.
  • Great case

    posted by hhowe

    Very cool looking case my girlfriend loves it.
    To solve the problem you can carefully cut a hole just big enough for the charging port. DO NOT connect the speaker and mic to the hole you a created or it becomes too flimsy.
    Would buy again I have most of the colors already

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