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Every single iphone back cover white displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. Browse the products from iphone 4 white back cover, or some other related Pages like replacement iphone back cover white. With your support, we can do better.
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iphone back cover white Customers Reviews

  • Iphone 4/4s case

    posted by Martijn56

    This case, it is a very nice case for your iphone 4/4s. The case fits perfectly on the iPhone and it gives your iPhone a new look, and protects it! I recommend you buy this case because its only 4 dollar and such nice quality! It looks great and it's good material!
    Very nice case! I would recommend it if you are looking for a case. It looks very nice and its made of durable plastic material which wont break easily
    Just buy this product from DX! I got it in my hands AFTER 10 DAYS from the order! I think that is very fast!
  • Perfect. Beautiful :)

    posted by nedevdare

    Fits perfectly on iPhone 4. For the first time I order something like that and I have to say that I'm fascinated. The price is good and also I'm glad to have it because DX doesn't have it and I chat with them to send it to me with another delivery but they surprised me five days after it was shipped to me. No cons. The panel i right, full color, engraved. Thanks
    "Delivery:Typically ships in 7 - 10 business days" - not quiet sure I wait it for a month. But I guess that is because I'm situated in Bulgaria. What to do :)
  • Not perfecly fit my i-phone 5

    posted by garsons

    Very elastic and shock absorber material. Back side of case is same as shown in dx.com and seems cool. Finishing of case is very good and holes on earplug and usb connection this in right place.
    I cannot find any thoughts for this simple equipment. I try to strach the case by heating it but it is not working and I change its original shape, now it's useless.
    Maybe my case is not good I don't know but I cannot reccomend in this sitiation.
  • Nice looking under spotlights.

    posted by burakbilmem

    This is TPU and not sticky like silicon ones. Thats the point of TPU Material. But its not hard and its helping you when you dropped your phone. Diamond style is very uniqe and looks very good.
    Instead of clean flat cases this diamond style is looks unique.
    When i get my phone my first job is the puting this case on my phone. Scratch, drops and other nasty things cannot bothering me anymore.
  • A Nice Case

    posted by Mattstroke

    I purchased this case so that i could prevent the back side of my iPhone from scratching. Needless to say it does exactly that. I particularly like how thin and light the case is, as it allows the iPhone 5 to be protected without weighing it down. Taking the case off and putting it back on is a very easy process. This case is also inexpensive, a definite plus.
    This is an excellent case for the price.
    If you have an iPhone 5 and you need a case to keep the back free of scratches, you can't go wrong here. Especially considering the price, this purchase was completely worth it.

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