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iphone 5 waterproof

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You can buy cheap iphone 5 waterproof from us. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. iphone 5 dock, iphone 5 charger may be more suitable for you. With your support, we can do better.
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iphone 5 waterproof Customers Reviews

  • clean and neat cover

    posted by dawila

    the clear parts are the best, they look clean and neat. the white hazy back looks excellent too. it's so cheap and good for it's price.
    it's little bit hard on putting the case on the iphone but it's easy to take it off. it's a fair deal.
    you get what you pay. for power user, i think it's an OK stuff since the price is this low. The waterproof case looks good.
  • Perfect hermetic case for Scuba-Diving or pools.

    posted by chopetanovic

    I bought this product to protect my phone on Summer days in the beach because the sand and water can damage it. Also I'm using it to make photos in the water when I'm Scuba-Diving. It came "well" protected from dust in a plastic bag. It has a nice black mate colour and it fits perfectly in my Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S (X12/LT15i) that is about 14 cm long and 6 cm wide. It comes with an Armband than can be attached to your arm, and stays in place even if you're running. It also comes with a strap that can be knotted to the top's indent. It is useful to have your phone as a necklace hahaha =)You can make pictures whithin the water because the pouch has a back window where you can fit your camera's lens. It supports up to 20-30 atm.
  • Works ok with some modification

    posted by Fullflexed

    Works very well once I got it up. Fits any standard handles and even the frame if cylindrical.
    It's quite ok for its price but I bought one of higher quality at a local cycle-store instead because this one just didn't live up to my expectations.
    Quite alright, maybe the one I got was defect but I hade to glue it in place just to make it work.
  • Protects well, very worthy bundled pack

    posted by feiru

    Silicone case gives much better protection than plastic, due to its softer and more shock absorbant nature. I dropped my iPhone5 once, and thanks to this casing, nothing happened to the phone. The case protects all the edges and corners, no exposed areas except for the front glass panel, which is also protected by the film. If you for protection, this will be it. The waterproof pouch is very useful for use in sports (put into it before placing into my running pouch). Overall a good buy.
    I personally like the better protection offered by silicone material, but dislike its extra dimension which makes the phone more bulky. Unfortunately cannot find a balance between the two.
    Overall a very good buy, for people who want protection for their iPhone5. Aesthetic wise, due to silicone material, it is a little bulky and does not give justice to the new sleek looking iPhone though.
  • Works as advertised. Kept my iPhone dry from splashes.

    posted by justsome1

    Works as it said it would.Tested by submerging the case underwater for almost 30minutes and it kept the water out.Camera works on both front and back while phone is in the case.Voice calls sounds clear over the earpiece.
    the port covers don't feel like they close snugly enough though I have not encountred them popping open while in use.
    does the job and well worth the money if compared to many other waterproof cases out there.

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