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iphone 5 usb data charging

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iphone 5 usb data charging Customers Reviews

  • Works, cute, compact

    posted by ubergeeknz

    It charges an iPhone 5 no problems. And it's bright pink! Also it rolls up nice and neat.
    We got this for a family trip, and it fits neatly into our GRID-IT organiser. By having the bright colour it stands out as being my wife's since she got the iPhone 5 instead of a real smartphone. I haven't tested the data capabilities.
    Does the job, works as expected, and did I mention it's bright pink? And a few more words to make up the quota. It's a cable. And it rolls up. And it's pink.
  • Very small and compact, built is excellent

    posted by ricardoCerceau

    -This unit is very compact and very small-My car's cigarette lighter got a cover, when I put this charger into the lighter, it so small I can still put on the cover to hide the whole thing ! very impressive.-The spring is very strong, it will not come loose in any way once you install it.-Both socket work with my iphone charging cable very well.
    it can charge my iphone or my iPad and also another phone without any problems...i highly recommend anyone thinking about buying it to just buy it.
    it can charge my iphone or my iPad and also another phone without any problems...i highly recommend anyone thinking about buying it to just buy it.
  • charging cable

    posted by roii83

    its goes far enougth for average and the cable itself is very stirm the circle in the middle is a good size (enough for a average person using a charger)... very portable!!!
    its cool and portable for a average price does not break easily at all!!! i will it would be a little cheaper............ :-)
    a average OK price charging cable portable non-breakable and the cable wires ar exellent as well i say buy it, i did buy 3 of those...!!!
  • Good enough

    posted by EMann

    Convenient to use in the car, where longer cable could be unnecessarily bulky. It is really good choice comparing to the original ~1m cable.
    It should be much cheaper. C'mon guys. I know, iphone 5 is still on the hype side, but the true value of this cable is at least twice less than it's current price.
    It is great for the purpose. If you need one for your car charger - get one. It is pretty neat.
  • Much Cleaner than a long cable

    posted by AntonVZyl

    A nice cable to use in the carlove the color, build liquidity is quit good for what you pay.Its a strong slinky
    I connect this cable to the car audio system, and my car stands a while in the sun which gets quite hot, so this cable seems to be able to withstand the heat with the plastic not indicating any melting or malfunction because of it.
    Its a good product for the price and works well enough for daily use

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