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iphone 5 red bumper

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The perfect iphone 5 red bumper here to meet all your needs. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Customers can also browse iphone 5 bumper orange or bumper frame iphone 5 to find their desired products. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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iphone 5 red bumper Customers Reviews


    posted by dannenbaumg

    This is a wonderfull case. totally worth the money.fits well and looks really cool. it also protects well. i bought a lot of iphone 5 cases. this is by far the best one. Another great thing is the metal buttons on the side and top. i had a case without the bottons and it was so hard to reach the button on the phone but with the metal buttons on the case it was so much easier because the bottoms are at the same level as the case.
    It looks really good on the black iphone 5.
    Bottomline its a great product and totaly worth the money. i would buy them for presents to my friends.
  • Simply love it!

    posted by sammiher0

    I love that the standby/sleep and volume buttons are covered, and they work well. It doesn't look thick with the bumper case installed. Its will thought that it comes with a screwdriver and 2 spare screws.
    The standby/sleep and volume buttons provide good tactile feedback.
    It's a good buy. So far i can't find any fault other than need to DIY on the headphone hole. Other wise it works perfectly!
  • It works as it is

    posted by sonsivri

    Prevents your phone from side damages. It's nice and enough this way. Also it is thin enough, so your phone won't become a giant.
    It doesn't looks good with white iphone. I'll buy new one.
    It worth's to try. The color is not a good choice btw. I'll try complete transparent one or at least white and black. Colored sides will make your phone like a over-make-up.
  • Excellent product

    posted by hockang

    Fits snugly. Excellent quality. Love the color combination. Bought 3 different types (bumper, with back cover, and leather cover) to test them out. Love This and the leather with cover. See my review on the other 2.
    I was looking for reviews before I buy it but unfortunately there was none. So, I made it a point to write one to help others as soon as I receive it. Hope my review will help others.
    This easily costs US$15 at any mall. But for US$3.00 and with this quality, this is absolutely a steal. I strongly recommend this.

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