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iphone 5 leather case

Finding your favorite iphone 5 leather case is easy in our product catagories. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. You can also browse the iphone 5 leather wallet case, iphone 5 black leather case, and we provide more ways to help you find the products you want. DX is the best cool gadgets provider, so take action now and come take a look at our site dx.com.
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iphone 5 leather case Customers Reviews

  • Best Iphone 5 cover for low price

    posted by Darru

    Nice, cool and really handy for iphone 5. It is really good cover. very handy for watching the video on you phone. You can also keep your bank cards on the side pocket.
    One of the best cover i've bought so far. It's a great cover if you carry your iPhone in a bag, or if you allow a kid to play with your device.
    Brilliant product that by far surpasses the expected from the price. I tried the other cover as well and this is the best until now
  • Absolutely great pouch case

    posted by Dolerho

    - iPhone 5 fits perfectly in.- The case strongly holds the phone : you can put upside down and the iPhone won't fall.- Look & feel is great.
    I like this kind of cases because it doesn't direclty affect the great design of the iPhone (and, most of the time, your phone doesn't fall when you hold it). So always put your iPhone inside when it's not in your hands ;)
    Really, really worth the price, I bet than you'll find a lot more expensive cases which far from beign that great !
  • Excellent quality for price

    posted by VXRMike

    Very Cheap to alternativesProtects all the phone when closedEasy to apply and remove phoneReal leather feel
    Maybe use with a screen protector if your phone is open often.
    Excellent price for quality - Wouldn't pay for the official ones!Case is simple to use and causes no damaged if you have to take it out and put it in alot.
  • Excellent case. Thank you very much!

    posted by mfadic7

    Exelent case. Thank you very much!
    This Leather model is almost too good. Fit, form, and function. Gorgeous. Feels great in your hands as well. Snaps in easily but fits very securely... and is simple to remove. You won't be disappointed. Very Classy!!!
    Exelent case. Thank you very much!
  • The perfect tiny purse

    posted by brewered

    -good size for essentials -classy-wristband is great to prevent dropping-holds cards, money, and your phone
    This is a great wallet for the essentials (phone, cards, money). It's perfect for when you don't have a pocket and find a purse too big. The size fits comfortably in your hand and the wrist strap prevents it from dropping if you lose your grip. The only ways the design could be improved would be to have a small zippered spot for change and maybe a more secure fastener to prevent it from accidently opening.
    Classy and conveinant

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