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iphone 5 black bumper

Buy a iphone 5 black bumper from DX.com! It's your best choice. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. iphone 5 bumper orange, bumper frame iphone 5 may be more suitable for you. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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iphone 5 black bumper Customers Reviews

  • Excellent product

    posted by hockang

    Fits snugly. Excellent quality. Love the color combination. Bought 3 different types (bumper, with back cover, and leather cover) to test them out. Love This and the leather with cover. See my review on the other 2.
    I was looking for reviews before I buy it but unfortunately there was none. So, I made it a point to write one to help others as soon as I receive it. Hope my review will help others.
    This easily costs US$15 at any mall. But for US$3.00 and with this quality, this is absolutely a steal. I strongly recommend this.
  • Wonderfull

    posted by risgn94

    First of all, it is a good-looking protective cover for your iphone, and it works pretty good. I've dropped my iphone several times, and nothing has happened, except to the cover. The lock mechanism is also very good. it does not open by itself, so your iphone will fall out, or something similair.
    maybe in different colors?
    It does as it is promised, protects your iphone, and at the same time looks good. Nothing to complain about, worth the 10 bucks.
  • EXCELLENT PRODUCT, But the screen is not protected

    posted by frojasr

    This is an excellent Product. The quality of the material is very good. Great for iphone 5 because this bumper don´t make the iphone5 looks thicker, on the contrary, the iphone5 looks thinner as it should be.
    The materials have good quality. It is very light and thinner and looks awesome on iphone5
    I´d use it, but not so much time because the screen is unprotected.
  • Nice, but not for protection

    posted by Andremagni

    Very good! fits just right on the iphone 5 is easy to take and place! pretty!
    Thin, tough, and does not slip of the hand. I bought several to have covers to protect and related risk. I really enjoyed this! and would buy another without a doubt!
    If u need a cover to protect your ihpone 5 of risks, this is right! it protects the phone very well! can buy without fear!
  • Great product, awesome design

    posted by Karinvdv

    Great product, awesome desing. Great quality and really handly to use.
    I love the product, really handly to use and easy to apply. Besides this you still can see the design of your phone. And this product will just increase the design of the product. Besides this it is really flexible and a deep black color. For this price I think it is an awesome product and I would definitely buy it again.
    Bottomline: great product, awesome quality for this price, great color and handly to use.

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