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iphone 5 alloy bumper

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iphone 5 alloy bumper Customers Reviews

  • Nice well fit Bumper

    posted by turkito1919

    It feets perfectly, all the buttons and the sim tray can be used without removing the bumper. very good quality of the materials. Nice finishing, it looks very nice on black iPhone 5
    For the price it is a very good product. It could be a little bit cheaper.
    It feels very nice when you have the phone in your hands, and it does not make it feel much bigger like other bumpers
  • Good looking bumper cover for iPhone 5s

    posted by mosruio

    Looks amazing.Protects the phone without covering it up too much.Feels sturdy enough.Did I mention the looks already?
    While not being a perfect fit for the iPhone 5s and despite the occasional annoying clicking sounds it makes, the case just looks loo amazingly good not to buy. It has extremely easy, but safe locking mechanism, reinforced edges and it doesn't interfere too much with the buttons (only power button is a bit hard to press)
    Well worth the price, but not a perfect fit for the phone it's designed for. Looks amazing thought.
  • Wonderfull

    posted by risgn94

    First of all, it is a good-looking protective cover for your iphone, and it works pretty good. I've dropped my iphone several times, and nothing has happened, except to the cover. The lock mechanism is also very good. it does not open by itself, so your iphone will fall out, or something similair.
    maybe in different colors?
    It does as it is promised, protects your iphone, and at the same time looks good. Nothing to complain about, worth the 10 bucks.
  • Great Case, Bad Shipment

    posted by skipme

    Bumper is a lightweight, solid black case with nice "chrome" linings. Buttons are accessable, protects the phone from the average fall.
    I recieved the case damaged out of the box (the volume button+ vibrate toggle cutout was bent) was really saddened that it came in this condition, but I'm guessing its journey here came with some damage. Shippers at DX should double check what they're shipping just in case they're damaged before they leave the warehouse... A quick adjusting with my fingers and bent it into place, but it's not perfect, but it works. I would try to get a refund or replacement, but it took forever to get here, so I'll just live with it, besides it's less than 5 bucks.
    It's a really nice, lightweight, sleek looking case. Just pray that you don't get a bent one. This case being made of aluminum is prone to bending so keep that in mind.
  • Looks not too bad but sometimes makes sound quality terrible

    posted by gogatmn

    Good lookingFits well
    Bumper fits well, has rubbers inside for not scratching phone body.Its inconvenient to use - phone becomes too wide and thick - its hard to hold it in hand (in comare with phone without any bumpers)
    Not recommendedCurrently not using it - voice quality is more important


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