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iphone 4s Customers Reviews

  • Simply great

    posted by dallasStarsRock

    Easy to install, easy to use.Very good protection and yet, gives you a very Comfortable feeling when you hold the iPhone in your hand.The stand is very nice feature as well and can be used horizontal as well as vertical.All the jacks in the iPhone can be covered as well to protect from dust.The Plastic next to the screen gives it protection even if the iPhone falls on the screen itself.
    Very fair deal, great value for money.
    Buy, don't hesitate.
  • Nice screen protector

    posted by JoeWong

    Completely protect the phone front and back glass and screens. Looks clearly to the screen unlike some of other screen protectors.
    Makes the phone looks nicer and looks new on the phone. When it havent apply to the phone it will looks abit yellowish, but it will look nice when apply on the phone.
    For those who like their phone to be apart of panda then get it if you want. Worth it with the pricing.
  • A nice Screen Protector for your iPhone

    posted by renan87

    This is a nice screen protector, that seems to be quite thicker than the regular ones that I've used before. Really easy to applicate, just as easy as the others. I haven't had any problem with the phone yet, such as any fallen, or hard objects hitting it, but it seems the screen protector will do the "anti-shock" job, as it is about twice as thick as the normal ones.
    I haven't really "tested" the anti shock ability of this, and would not think about doing it, but for its thickness, seems that the screen protector will correspond to my expectations.
    Came with a cloth to clean the screen before application, and that's all. About the rest, it's the same as regular ones, with those steps of removing one layer, applying the screen protector, then removing the other layer.
  • Beautiful but it doen't protect much

    posted by luna7

    It is really beautiful, I have got many complements on it. The drawing sticks out with a little texture that makes it much more special. It fit the Iphone 4 perfectly.
    It's a good deal for the price. Great as a present.
    If you like the design you should get it. If you are the type of user that has its phone falling to the floor every day, I would recomend either getting domething stronger or getting an extra one for when this one breaks.
  • Great device for great use!

    posted by OmniMac

    - 2 shapes in 1, and very good! (each one) - Very GOOD cutting experience - Almost no probability to broke a SIM card - Very easy to use - Even great to look at!
    I don't think it would be more than this to say: really good choice, if you want "the job done" in a GREAT way.
    This product or has realized an idea that A LOT of people in the world has hoped to be reality every day of its lives... so, here it is!

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