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Every single iphone 4 white usb displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. We recommend dock iphone 4 white, iphone 4 flip white as hot products. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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iphone 4 white usb Customers Reviews

  • A decent USB charger

    posted by lawrencelyl

    It is a decently sized USB charger.4 ports with LED on each port - LED is located inside the USB port, not anywhere outside.Can charge multiple devices at the same time.
    At the back of the box, it says that the charging LED indicator will turn Blue+Red when charging but it doesn't. Just stay blue all the while.
    It function well as a multi port USB charger.
  • Very nice unit

    posted by landau351

    Fits my TrustFire protected batteries. Works as expected. Charges the phone via the standard UDB. I was fortunate to have the Nokia style min-USB cables so can easily recharge the unit at home or work.
    For this price I get nearly 10,000ma battery pack.
    I would recommend this unit but it REALLY need instructions.
  • Good little charger

    posted by Mooki

    Compact and unobtrusive, pleasant design.Feels quite solid.USB contact feels like it is snug and tight paired with a standard USB charging cable.Good fit in an electrical outlet (the charger is partly concealed in some outlets which makes it less visible).Charging time feels a tad shorter compared to when using my original HTC charger (5V/1A).
    Unsure about long term quality, remains to be proven.
    Seems like a very good product at an affordable price.
  • Charges iPads and more

    posted by tvdahl

    * Gives enough power to charge iPad* Can charge 2 iPads at the same tame (maybe more - haven't tried)* 4 USB ports* Red light while charging - blue when idle. Easy to see if charging is complete without checking the devices.* Great product!
    You can plug any USB cable to this adapter and it will charge your device. We use it for both Huawei phones, jawbone devices, iPhones, iPads and more.
    This is a great product that is in daily use. We use it for charging anything that charges via USB. One of my best buys at DealExtreme. It's not the cheapest product, but for us it was well worth the price.
  • Robust, lightweight, well constructed

    posted by fran82

    + Well constructed, good quality+ No load voltage of 5,15 volts+ Does not get very hot+ It is robust, compact and lightweight+ It charges almost everything which uses USB conection+ Can not measure the current it can feed, but it seems to be more than 1Amp+ Good looking black and white label and enclosure
    Despite it says 2100mA on the label, I dont really think that it can deliver such current.... maybe 1 or 1.5 A(I have this conclusion by measuring the charging time of some of my gadgets)
    It is worth the price, I can recommend this 5v USB charger over the others.... maybe in the future will exist other similar device better than this, but at this moment, this could be the best sold here, if we talk about the internals and charging current.100% Recommended, buy it!

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