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iphone 4 usb dock

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iphone 4 usb dock Customers Reviews

  • Nice product for charging an iPad

    posted by Hoefnix

    Bought this mainly to charge my iPad and iPhone 4S. It does that perfect. Build is decent and the blue LED is a nice touch.
    Good product but the description is wrong:
    - no sync
    - doesn't fit an iPhone 4
    It is a good product for charging an iPad nice build, good looks but nothing else.
  • Exellent build quality

    posted by summersea

    - The build quality of this item is excellent does not feel cheap at all!- Even the USB cable build is good. - The base unit feels heavy which makes it stable when iphone inserted.- very glossy finishing- Although glossy, fingerprints do not show easily
    - Be good if it had a back panel to support the phone when inserted so it will be more stable and less prone to accidents.
    - Very good quality and build if that is your main criteria. But phone a little shaky when inserted cos no back support for phone.
  • Great product

    posted by bahm1220

    Great and clean design, simple, and goob built quality.It's possible to change the retractile cable for any other you like.Looks good over yout table or desk.
    I've been using it more as an iPhone stand than a charger because of the bumper problem. I wouldn't like to take it off everytime I want to charge it.
    in general, it's a good product. I just needed to find a cable with a larger connector for it to be perfect.
  • Works! using it daily!

    posted by Lukoo

    Looks just like it does on the pictures, but you can also see that on the personal photo's people uploaded.fits great on the iphone 4, altho i would recommend to try it carefully on the first try becease the aftermarket stuf sometimes dont fit that well!
    works good and the angle is great to, i use it to charge my phone at night and its a great way to check up your iphone without having to hold it.
    good dock, good price.. nice gadget!
  • Good choice

    posted by tpanizzi

    It is sheap stuff, useful, has a good finish and very easy to use.
    Works fine for iPod 4, but it doesn't hold perfectly as it is built for Iphone 4.
    Now I can listen my iPod songs in my car and change the songs by tapping the remote control. It is a good choise because you can use in many devices such as stereo systems, home theathers, car's radios, etc.

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