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iphone 4 screen protector

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iphone 4 screen protector Customers Reviews

  • Just perfect, i like it and still use it

    posted by Jaqxx

    It is really cheapIt works perfect, i did not have any problems with itIt just does what it says
    Before putting the protector on the iPhone make sure to clean it really well. I had to start 2 times but now it fits perfectly.I like using the cloth for my laptop... :-)Ah by the way: there are other good screen protectors here, i tried totally 5 (for my friends and for my family) and they all were fine.
    If you can use it, buy it!
  • Good price, easy to use

    posted by paulo92

    It is really easy to put it on the screen. I installed it really fast, and there is only one buble on the top of the phone, but it isn't disturbing. I changed my one year old screen protector wit this. It works well and protects the screen. After 3 weeks of user tehere are some scratches on it, but I think it would occure on every screen protector.
    This product is really cheap it is worth to buy more. I ordered 2. I think one is enough for a half a year, but after time it is wort to replace it.
    The quality is normal, but the price is excellent:)
  • Very goog choice

    posted by Dev_Metallicum

    Cheap and easy to mount.It comes with a cleaning cloth, very useful.It really fits good into the iphone 4: perfect shape and it has all the holes it needs (i can't say the same for other screen protectors)
    I can't consider it a con, because it's supposed to do so: when you attacht the film to the phone it sticks firmly on it so, if you make a mistake placing it or a dust particle comes in between you'll have some problems removing it and re-replacing.
    Good choice for a good price.
  • Good product!

    posted by DaVoezzz

    Good quality plastic usedFine matte feelinggreat cleaning toweleasy to use
    It is a verry nice product! Certainly the price is verry nice compared with the quality of this product. The packing of the screenprocector is a little bit unstable but the rest of it is great! It is easy to put it on your phone, and it feels great on it!
    I say, BUY IT! It is a really great product! I have bought 10 of them, and sell it to my friends, and they also like it really much!
  • Good priced protector

    posted by SNOWY1976

    Good price..Easy application...Cleaning cloth provided...Makes your iphone stand out from the crowd ...Delivery was fast
    a good price ..does what its supposed to
    If you have a iphone and you want to make it stand out from the crowd this will sure do that...but take the cons into consideration but for the price its worth trying.

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