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iphone 4 screen protector front

Every single iphone 4 screen protector front displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. Browse the products from matte iphone 4 screen protector, or some other related Pages like iphone 4 4s screen protector. With your support, we can do better.
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iphone 4 screen protector front Customers Reviews

  • Looks very neat

    posted by jappiepappie

    - It looks very neat- this one was actually easy to attach- a dry cloth - no bubbles- anti glare
    It fits really well, and looks really good, it is not too much it perfect. Looks especially well on a black iPhone.They should make more of these covers, I saw there were 2 others a silver one and a eifeltower one, if there would be more design I would happily buy more of them.
    If you want to make your iPhone look nice this is the screen protector you need. It gives a extra dimension to the design.
  • Worth it

    posted by GZB1992

    It is made of silicone so it is very comfortable to use, it is also anti-glare and finger prints, very important if you use your iphone a lot.
    There are no worrys if you use it with some kind of case, it is just going to increase the protection
    I Recommend
  • Great!

    posted by ahjo79

    Excellent quality protector and very, very easy application. Did come a little bent in the mail and ended up with a small crease on the side that doesn't affect the display though.
    Excellent protector for iphone 4s screen, fits perfect and it´s very easy to install, just one recommendation: the surface of the screen should be perfectly clean, only a tiny dust particle left an air bubble between the screen and protector
    5 stars, fits just fine, really easy to glue, excellent quality, would buy again. thank you,
  • it is very nice and beautiful :) thank you

    posted by sabii

    Quality, package and nice price. Really good product.Good protection i was impressed how good it sticks with the glass and it gives you feeling that the screen is protected. and also a very nice graphic on the phone :)
    good protection, you will notice how durable is the glass when you start to see scratches on the protection film from daily usage.
    well i recommend it to those who like graphics and Paris :) and also who loves to take care of their iphone 4s!
  • Just perfect, i like it and still use it

    posted by Jaqxx

    It is really cheapIt works perfect, i did not have any problems with itIt just does what it says
    Before putting the protector on the iPhone make sure to clean it really well. I had to start 2 times but now it fits perfectly.I like using the cloth for my laptop... :-)Ah by the way: there are other good screen protectors here, i tried totally 5 (for my friends and for my family) and they all were fine.
    If you can use it, buy it!

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