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You can buy cheap iphone 4 earphones from us. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. iphone 4 4s or iphone 4 orange may offer more options for you. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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iphone 4 earphones Customers Reviews

  • Cheap, but not so nasty

    posted by Geti

    The price on these earphones is the obvious major pro. working headphones shipped to your door for a few dollars? Yes please.The buds themselves are comfortable enough for fairly long sessions.
    So far, no complaints about the wiring. The cord is short, but easily long enough to go from phone in pocket to ear.
    More than suitable for listening to voice to prevent mic echo, or maybe listening to music on the go, but I wouldn't call them 'great sounding'. Grab them as a cheap in between replacement or for disposable buds that you dont need to worry about busting :)
  • Good

    posted by cgfnick

    - Easy to install;- good for protect your iPhone/iPad/iPod;- cheaper;- good color.
    Very simple design as well as useful, for the summer especially. I've gotten a second pair since they are so tiny and can be lost easily. Overall good item to protect your iphone/ipad/ipod
    I was looking for something good and cheaper for protect my iPhone, so I found it...If you want to protect your iPhone (any iPhone), it is good and cheaper way to do it.
  • Awesome Awei ES900i

    posted by LamKaYau

    Superb sound quality, comparable or better than other more expensive brand name headphones. As long as it is this model ES900i, regardless of the colour, it just sounds awesome. I already bought about 20 of this model but different colours, and they all sound good and work supremely well. I am quite rough with it and so far after 1.5 months of use, it still works perfectly
    It sounds so good that no one believes that it costs only $9.
    Highly recommend this ES900i. It has strong bass, clear mids and highs. Don't waste your money on brand name headphones, they won't sound better than this.
  • good repair part

    posted by zav

    It works, mostly used for repairing vibracall not working, or soundless earbuds jack.
    bought to solve a vibracall problem, worked flawlessly, it´s installed in my phone almost 2 months, and still working fine. when compared visually with original one, found several differences.
    I would buy this how many times needed, but still think price could be much, much better.
  • There is no replacement for displacement!

    posted by desolder

    When it comes to bass, "there is no replacement for displacement". These earbuds have the largest drivers on DX: 11.5mm. Large drivers push more air - and that means more bass. But it doesn't come at the expense of the mids and highs, which are also very good.It comes with three different sizes of silicone covers to fit different ear sizes comfortably.The noise blocking is really good - almost TOO good. I use them at work and sometimes I need to hear other people while listening to these at the same time. These block out almost all outside sounds, so I need to pull one of them off if I need to listen to someone next to me.The flat wiring is thicker than some of the really thin wires used on other earphones, so hopefully it will be more durable.It comes with a small pouch to keep your earphones protected when not in use.They look like earbuds that cost 5x as much. I've already gotten compliments on how nice they look.
    These are the best earbuds for sound quality - but if you need something light and small then you'll need to get something else.


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