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This is our best iphone 4 ear, they all share a great design and great prices. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Of course, you can find them from iphone 4 camera, iphone 4 screen. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.
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iphone 4 ear Customers Reviews

  • Awesome Awei ES900i

    posted by LamKaYau

    Superb sound quality, comparable or better than other more expensive brand name headphones. As long as it is this model ES900i, regardless of the colour, it just sounds awesome. I already bought about 20 of this model but different colours, and they all sound good and work supremely well. I am quite rough with it and so far after 1.5 months of use, it still works perfectly
    It sounds so good that no one believes that it costs only $9.
    Highly recommend this ES900i. It has strong bass, clear mids and highs. Don't waste your money on brand name headphones, they won't sound better than this.
  • Good sound, some flaws

    posted by kevlarmusik

    First of all, let me start of by saying that the whole kit that arrives when you open your package looks very good. Similar to opening a pair of headphones that cost 10 times as much. You get the 3 sets of fittings, the faux leather storage bag, and then of course the headphones which on first glance are very well built. They've got heft, good quality cable that won't tangle very easily, and (important for me) a built in mic for use with your phone.
    I'm an audio engineer and audiophile and am always picky about sound quality and long term wear involved with headphones. These might be good for some (certain earbuds tend to work better for some people than others) but they certainly aren't on my favourites list. An unfortunate fact as their sound quality is quite good.
    If you're willing to take the gamble for the rather reasonable price you might find yourself with a great pair of headphones.
  • Love them

    posted by joazito

    They're really comfortable. The sound is loud and the bass is pretty decent. They block outside noise just enough.
    I have bought a lot of this type of earphones with mic for my Android phone. I rate these the best at this price point (I haven't tried more expensive ones) as they provide the loudest clearest sound and are extremely comfortable as well.
    Definitely recommended, my favorite.
  • Quite good for price

    posted by manexus

    Very good build quality, great bass, comfortable, works with android cellphones , flat cables, great environement isolation.
    I bought them beacause there is no mic in awei es-800m
    Anyway they sounds better than ori. Ep-630 but worse than es800, Still they are so cheap, so why do not try? But if u don't need mic. try Awei es800m first, they are jus better.
  • My favourite buds

    posted by mobilizer

    These are my favourites. Isolates outside noise just great, bassy enough for a pleasant bus trip. Fits my ears just perfect. Fantastic punchy bass and still very joyful mid and high.
    I´ve become addictive to these **. All my other buds lie resting in my drawer. Have to buy some more if these will get lost or broken.
    Based on my own experience I recommend these for anyone who enjoys a "rich" sound. My CX55:s are more detailed but lacks lower frequencies.

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