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iphone 4 disassembly tools

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This is our best iphone 4 disassembly tools, they all share a great design and great prices. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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  • Great to Own

    posted by Phoenix83

    This is tool will prevent you from harming electronic case parts. The to size ends will allow you to even pry apart covers and panels from large electronics like laptops.
    As mentioned in the cons section there is only 2 sizes so I suggest you purchase the phone pry set as well as this tool this way you have more sizes to choose from.
    This tool is very handy to own. It will save you time and money because it will allow you to pry apart, or remove covers, panels or cases quickly and safely. This tool is very handy to have if you want to replace a damaged cover or case on an electronic device or access the inside of an electronic device and I recommend to everyone from the DIYer to the professional technician.
  • good and cheap product, great for what is meant to do.

    posted by raquelb

    This set of tools is great if you need to replace an iphone screen, or almost every inner piece it has. the cross screwdriver is magnetic, so you won't loose your screws easily. it comes with both the star and the cross screwdriver, so you can work with any of these, if that's the case. the tweezer is precise just enough to get those tiny iphone screws and washers out if your screwdriver doesn't do it correctly.
    the suction cup is not very useful (at least wasn't for me), and either are the triangle paddles.
    is a good and useful kit, you'll need most of the parts, but it doesn't come with every tool you need to replace the iphone screen, as its name implies.

    posted by erocruz

    produto de muito boa qualidade. Recomendo para quem trabalha com manutenção de tablets e smartphones. A qualidade é similar a kits bem mais caros que encontrei por aqui. Gostei muito e venho tendo muita utilidade para este produto.
    Em meu país, encontro este produto 5x mais caro. É uma boa pedida para quem realmente precisa do produto. Valeu muito a pena!!
    Very good!
  • very usefull tool kit!

    posted by zav

    I loved this since it arrived. To begin, that yellow plastic board acomodates all iphone screws in right position. This is awesome to me, because I have many opened iphones all the time with me. That board allowed me to keep organized, and it´s a time saver.
    But opening pryers kit is very good, helps a lot. Problem is same as all plastice pry tool: they break.
    bottomline is I liked this pack, and would buy it again. as a matter of fact, buying one more (for i5) right now...
  • Tool kit very useful

    posted by juliaziao

    I`ve bought it for a back cover and battery replacement for my iPhone 3GS, it has all the necessary tools and another ones that I hadn`t use. This little tools are useful for other replacements too, such as fixing glasses.
    Bery happy with this kit tool I fixed an iPhone 3GS and it is still very usefull for other fixes.
    Bery happy with this kit tool I fixed an iPhone 3GS and it is still very usefull for other fixes.


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